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Another update in the romcom series “Deep State Shinola”:

Obama’s DOJ obstructed justice.

And *yawn* no one is doing a damned thing about it.

Lisa Page: The DOJ Forbade Us From Bringing a Negligent Release of Classified Information Charge Against Hillary Clinton

Lisa Page confirmed to me under oath that the FBI was ordered by the Obama DOJ not to consider charging Hillary Clinton for gross negligence in the handling of classified information. pic.twitter.com/KPQKINBtrB

— John Ratcliffe (@RepRatcliffe) March 13, 2019


Oh wait, that charge only applies to Trump and anyone in his orbit.

Two tiers of justice.

One for leftoid petty tyrants and Clinton rimjobbers.

Another for the rest of us.

One must never forget how thoroughly the media ignored and suppressed the story of Tony Podesta’s pedophiliac home art collection. #TooRealNews

The Deep State — aka the Administrative State, aka the Managerialist Leviathan, aka the Permanent Bureaucracy, aka #TheResistance, aka #ThePestilence — has to be pulled up by the roots and the earth salted for good measure. There needs to be a mass culling of shitlibs from the government bureaucracy if we are to have any chance of victory in the fight for the soul of America. Otherwise, you get Trump — a man who had big plans but was stymied at every turn and eventually succumbed to the swamp.

PS “Diversity and Inclusion”

PPS Clown World


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