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Don’t use sunscreen. It’s really bad for you. So bad, it could justifiably be classed a toxin. The decrease in sunburn risk is outweighed by the big increases in risks of many types of cancer, including melanoma.

• Research has not validated the claim that the sun is not safe because it causes melanoma.

• Sunscreen use actually promotes skin cancers.

• Sunscreen chemicals are toxic to all systems in the body and to all life on the planet.

• Sunscreen chemicals mimicking the shape of our hormones bind to the body’s hormone receptors, disrupting estrogen, testosterone, progesterone and thyroid hormones.

• Sunshine provides many benefits for the whole body.

• Blocking UVB radiation leads to low vitamin D3 levels due to the inability to produce this essential vitamin in the skin, which results in a multitude of health problems.

• Consumers should avoid products that have a SPF rating or foods or clothing that contain titanium dioxide.

• Eating, taking or using antioxidants on the skin are natural, safe ways to protect the skin from solar radiation. Feeding the skin antioxidants provides nature’s best solar radiation protection.


Although UVB rays are what cause the typical sunburn, and blocking UVB does stop the skin from turning red, the sunburn is the body’s warning sign that it is time to get out of the sun because you have run out of your natural protective nutrients that prevent damage from the sun. Blocking the sunburn is just as dangerous as cutting the wire to the red warning light on the dash of your car.


A study with human volunteers who applied BP-3, OMC and 4-MBC for two weeks detected all three sunscreen chemicals in blood and urine, along with alterations in reproductive hormone levels. Observing the amount of these ‘‘estrogenic’’ sunscreen compounds in the blood, the researchers expressed concern for children who have not reached puberty, because they are more sensitive to low levels of reproductive hormones. Young children are also less able to eliminate drugs and have a larger surface area per body weight than adults, which can result in greater absorption and build-up within their bodies. The researchers concluded that sunscreens “might have adverse effects in children.”


This report on HMB also found that the chemical caused reproductive toxicity, with a lengthened menstrual cycle and decreased sperm count.

At least nine studies of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in mice and rats show reproductive harm, including problems that could result in impaired fertility.


Many young people today are stating that they are confused as to their sexual orientation. It is no wonder! The use of estrogenic and anti-testosterone sunscreen chemicals for the last forty years could be one reason that males and females are experiencing gender identity confusion in ever greater numbers. It is known that testosterone secreted by fetal testicles plays a key role in the permanent organization of the developing central nervous system toward masculine patterns. This means that males exposed to these chemicals in utero are subject to disruption of the development of normal masculine character traits.


The alterations to the cerebral cortex suggest that titanium dioxide exposure should be considered as a risk factor for autism, as autistic brains show abnormal cellular arrangements in the cerebral cortex.


Studies also show that titanium dioxide disrupts the body’s ability to perform its continual DNA repair, which is essential to maintain good health. All these alterations of chemicals within the brain cannot help but lead to alterations in behavior.

Is sunscreen the primary environmental insult causing the late-stage degenerate freak parade craziness?!

All the biosocial depravity plaguing the West — weak, gimp sperm…low fertility…tranny lunacy…autistic screeching…GOP cuckery…pussyhat hysteria…mental illness…depression…diabetes — might be the consequence of sunscreen lotion and the associated reduction in naturally-produced vitamin D.

If it is, then going out in the sun “unprotected” will be the next pro-White dog whistle.


Science is a work in progress. These findings may not hold up, or they may. The title of this post was obviously glib, but not untrue. We are discovering more every day that the Big Chem revolution of the 20th Century has had unforeseen consequences, which could be affecting us in small and big ways. It isn’t a reach to speculate based on the new information coming out that industrial modernity has had hugely negative impacts on social organization and could in fact be a main culprit in the depravity and suicidal ideation sweeping the West.

Which is why I, and others like PA, have predicted that the 21st Century will be the story of Westerners (European Whites) repudiating the modernity of the 20th Century. We are going back to our roots, in all senses of the word. Our roots with nature, with family, with kin, with neighbors, with nation.

I’m not saying it will be the equivalent of Ludditism. There will still be amazing discoveries, particularly in biology and genetics, but the way we live will change to be more in tune with our primal rhythms than with the autissimo world foisted on us by Big Tech, Big Usury, Big Chem, and Big State.

Globohomo will be defeated by blood and soil.


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