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Globohomo’s Endgame

“We need more workers to grow the economy” is a devil’s bargain if there ever was one.

What’s the end game of Globohomo’s insatiable need for low wage workers and low brow consumers? 1 billion invaders in America? 2 billion? 5 billion? When does the economy stop needing imported workers? And when the economy stops growing, do these billions go back to their homelands?

The logic behind this apocalyptic economics is better understood if you read it as “we need more workers to grow the economy of the top 1%”. Those are the people who can afford to live away and barricade themselves off from the third world dollar-a-day scab laborers they invite into the country on the pretext of “growing the economy”.

It’s “privatize the profits, socialize the costs” on a leviathan scale. It’s the ideology of cancer. Constant growth, at the expense of societal health.

Your fat cat modern day robber barons like betabillionaire Jeff “chasing 50 year old cougar meat” Bezos get insanely rich in this system while regular Heritage Americans spanning the lower, working, and middle classes get saddled with the financial and social costs of evading, avoiding, and stoically enduring the Diversity Drones.

Bezos buys himself a second helipad. Joe from a Tijuanified formerly all-White town has to trudge to the store manager to buy a bottle of cough syrup locked behind bulletproof cases because the vibrant arrivals keep stealing it off the shelves.

Bezos buys a newspaper to turn into his personal propaganda organ which demonizes the one president in recent memory who was elected to look out for the people psychologically and economically displaced by globalist whoremongers like Bezos. Joe gets kicked out of banks and social media accounts for once expressing anger against the third worldization of his hometown.

Bezos smiles like a fox in the henhouse. Joe kills himself in a midst of a deep despair for his future and his children’s future.

A reader adds,

That’s exactly why the alt right needs to become environmentalists! We must stop immigration under the grounds of saving the environment and its limited resources! We are not going to win this battle with race based policies!!!

There are many logical and coherent arguments against mass immigration, including the disharmony caused by racial dissimilarities, but Trump seems determined to focus on just one (crime and drugs coming across the border).

Environmentalism, wage gutting, social disruption, economic externalities, packing the electoral college with imported voters bought on the cheap, straining the welfare state, etc etc. All these arguments against open un-selective borders, and more, are available to Trump, but he bangs one drum and leaves the rest of the kit unplayed.

Economically, too, the best-case growth argument is a chimera. What we have instead from open borders is a “per-capita recession”:

Endless growth is a Ponzi scheme. Instead of growth, we should be thinking in terms of managing a sustainable economy that abides natural fluctuations in the native population.

Does Trump understand this, or is he regressing to the fatuous old Boomercon he is at heart?

WATCH: Trump sells out to the donor class and big business, calls for increasing immigration to replace American workers and depress wages. pic.twitter.com/yPi7W0LwM0

— Will Westcott (@westland_will) March 3, 2019

You tell me.

From my vantage, Trump has begun dancing to Globohomo’s tune.

Trump is prone to hyperbolic gaffes so I figured his SOTU call for more *legal* invaders was a brain fart to be ignored as his behind-the-scenes policies continued reducing legal immigration.

But now he’s repeated the claim, in print, a number of times since. And he has had roundtables with Globohomo’s finest to hammer home his capitulation to the open borders, big business lobby.

Does this guy NOT want to win reelection?

PA writes,

It’s one of two scenarios:

1. Trump will be an American Yeltsin.

2. What we see is the unimportant stuff; Trump is fighting the unseen power center and victory will set everything else right.

I can’t believe Trump would so brazenly betray his campaign promises (implied and stated), so his current actions make no sense unless it’s misdirection (good) or total co-option (bad).

Trump is gearing up to run 2020 on a Koch Bros.-approved anti-socialism, pro-globalism message. This would be a mistake. Anti-socialism won’t be a winning platform for Trump in 2020. He thinks it will because he’s a Boomercon, but the times have changed. He needs to push a socialism-lite for Whites if he wants to retain his hold on the crucial Midwest states.

He’s still sitting at 50% approval (give or take), but if his base gets wind of his plans to increase legal immigration, I wouldn’t be shocked to see his polls drop into the upper 20s.

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