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[Special role]

Pointing out this one special tribe’s hypocrisy and double standards has become a parlor game. So many examples, and such large contortions!

DEUSVULT spells it out,

[Special people] in America overwhelmingly support population replacement levels of immigration and refugee resettlement.

It makes more sense when viewed as [special people] acting in their own self interest wherever they are.

In israel, they are hyper nationalist. In America, they are pluralist, with the goal of ensuring [special people] are just one of many other minority populations.

Today, the House passed an anti-White, excuse me, anti-hate resolution by something like 400-30. Not kidding. The only group not mentioned in the list of groups that should be protected from “hate” was White Christian men.

And it’s worse than that. The Anti-Whites are attempting to control the future by altering the past. As a Sailer commenter put it,

This is just lying. As a government resolution this will be cited as evidence in the future by the hoax hypers.


“And when the records agree with the falsehoods the Party’s grip on the past will be complete.”

The anti-“hate” resolution just passed in the House was nothing more than an excuse to codify demonization of White Christian men.

It isn’t our country. We know that. The questions remaining are how long has it not been our country, and when will it, if ever, be our country again?

A Muslim attacks Jews, so Congress attacks whites

we’re doomed https://t.co/phyH4d1Jju

— Dogs Don’t Have Thumbs (@MorlockP) March 7, 2019


Alex the Goon optimistically reframes,

400-30??? Last vote was 424-1. Support for White People has increased 3000% in just a few weeks! They should be shitting themselves.


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