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Cognitive dissonance isn’t just a glib insult to taunt reality-averse shitlibs; it’s also a serious mental disorder which our shitlib brethren could manage with many years of therapy.

Cognitive Dissonance and the Liberal Mind (via Kevin MacDonald)

Liberals are nothing if not morally smug and self-righteous. So they engage mental gymnastics to avoid changing their beliefs when confronted, e.g., with Muslim treatment of women. This article nails it.


Dissonance produced when holding mutually exclusive beliefs is actually nothing short of a form of mental trauma. Facts that challenge one’s self-identity as a morally righteous person can result in agony, producing a feeling of desperation akin to starvation or intense thirst.

Unsurprisingly then, the resulting discomfort can push the sufferer to great lengths of irrational and extreme behavior in order to obtain relief. Understanding cognitive dissonance, therefore, may go far in explaining our opponents’ aggressiveness and, given the growing unreality of today’s society, their increasingly toxic and desperate behavior.

Ironically, the smarter shitlibs tend to be the ones most afflicted by acute cogdis. They have to do something useful with those superfluous IQ points, and reconciling their false beliefs with reality, utilizing an increasingly complex and byzantine system of ego-assuaging rationalizations, allows them to “blow off” some insula-dominant steam.

For this reason, I don’t think the shitlib cogdis problem will resolve itself any time soon. There’s too much at stake for shitlibs, and in fact a number of them get a thrill from concealing and warping reality behind a funhouse mirror of sophistry. Many shitlibs love the feeling they get from “getting one over” on normals, and to do this convincingly shitlibs have to first get one over on themselves.

Shitlib cogdis is therefore both pleasurable and painful to them. More painful for some, more pleasurable for others. The smartest shitlibs feel something akin to accomplishment when they can successfully reorient a commonsensical framing of a simple issue into a twisted degenerate over-complicated facsimile of the issue.

The only permanent solution to shitlib cogdis is societal cataclysm that drives them underground, where they can freak to their hearts’ content without subverting healthy society. Hypothetically, there is a threshold of mental anguish and self-abasement beyond which even a shitlib with a PhD in poopytalk can’t tolerate, and we may be reaching that threshold as evidenced by the unhinged attacks of shitlibs against plain speaking heretics, and the stepped-up intensity of gaslighting and deplatforming of dissident realtalkers.

The crazy person is craziest right at the moment of therapeutic breakthrough.


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