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The Race To Self-Disgrace

I couldn’t hold my lunch down reading this anecdote from mendo,

On the subject of shitlib talking points:

I’m in the elevator, getting ready to leave for the day. it stops on on floor and two guys enter: one a whiteish looking dood with dreadlocks that would rival Bob Marley and some brit limpwristed bloke.

Dreads is yapping away about his kid or some such as they enter. He also stinks. Limpwrist then adds that his daughter doesn’t like boys or girls; that she’s really asexual. Dreads agrees in that tone of agreement that accompanies such dialog.

Limpwrist says it makes him feel better that she’s asexual. Says it like a normal man would talk about the fact that his six year old son wants to plough his female teacher.

We all exit the elevator at the lobby and Dreads adds that he’s been married six times and he hopes his son is gay. Both men laughed. Dreads says he oughta put it on a shirt. This was normal to them. All of it.

Soyborn White males have so debased themselves, and live within the constraints of such a malignantly corrupt culture, that they ostentatiously display their fealty to the most undignified tenets imaginable.

Status signaling about hoped-for asexual daughters and gay sons is how soyborns “fit in” to the reigning Whitegeist. It’s public profession of faith in a religion which teaches the ultimate good is the social and genetic annihilation of their own race.

They don’t have to really believe their signaling for the constant vows of faithfulness to Globohomo to rot their brains. If you say something self-evidently stupid enough times, you’ll either start to believe it yourself or you’ll actively seek allies to the cause in order to avoid a second of self-reflection. Sad!

Related, I’ve noticed an increased effort by shitlib friends to draw others into “alliance” with whatever their cause du jour happens to be. It’s a try-hard recruitment push that coincides with mass red pilling among White normies, and which I think is the best evidence that the country is nearing a political and social inflection point.


Johnny Redux comments,

I’ll say it again, they want your White sons gay or dead, and your White daughters pimped out to browns and blacks.


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