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AOC is a radical commie leftwinger overseas puerto rican midwit who snipes as much against her own Democrat Party as she does against all that is true and beautiful in the world.

Ilhan Omar is a radical commie leftwinger overseas somali lackwit who barrels through the JQ and forces the media and uniparty to scramble for cover before too many normies are redpilled on the nature of their overlords.

The question is whether the aoc-omar entity destroys the Dems from within before the party can complete its demographic terraforming of America, or if they capitulate and are sufficiently converged to the globohomo borg and recruited as just more sloot soldiers in the war against White America.

tfw you marvel at the whims of a universe which decides an aoc/omar slag team will heighten contradictions in a rapidly degenerating empire and pull it back from the precipice of collapse.


“Behave yourself, guest.”

The new Maul-Right message of love.

Leave it to a based&crescentpilled imam to execute a level 99 Thot Patrol.

Better: “Buh Bye, guest.”

From a groyperfrog:

the brotherfucker names the [special people]
>the Imam patrols the brotherfucker when she gets lippy with the locals’ sheik

The Alt-Right/Islamic alliance will be the most unexpected development of 2019.

At this point, I’m game. Grab the popcorn.


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