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My award for Most Disingenuous Shitlib Media Talking Point of the Month goes to NPR, for sneering that “most drugs enter through legal ports of entry”, as if this was a rebuke to Trump’s claim that an unprotected border lets in lots of drugs.

NPR neglects to inform its captivated NPC listeners that of course more drugs will be intercepted at chokepoints swarming with border police, rather than along a thousand miles of relatively unguarded open land.

The shitlib is nothing without his disingenuous rhetoric.


AntiDem quips,

So… what they’re saying is that we shouldn’t let foreigners in through legal ports of entry, either?

Smash Islamophobia joins the media-mocking fun,

Kinda reminiscent of the “There’s no voter fraud — because we don’t look for it, and don’t prosecute it when we accidentally find it” talking point.


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