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Astute. Porter has made the best defense of “don’t punch right” I’ve yet read.

A reader adds,

It’s because the Left has successfully established a framework in which left is moral and right is immoral. Thus, the extreme left is at worst impractical, but the extreme right is barbarous evil.

‘Don’t Punch Right’ doesn’t mean you lovingly embrace beady-eyed social rejects with swastika tattoos and defend them at all costs from attack. It means you do what the Left does with their sanpaku-eyed social rejects with neckbeards and post-op vaginas: you don’t join your enemies to attack them. Instead, like the Left, you change the subject, mildly defend them on abstract principles of “giving a voice to all”, or mildly rebuke them for the minor sin of “letting their justified anger get the better of them”. If all else fails, you ignore them or pretend you don’t know what’s going on and dodge any questions about them.

This is something I believe the normally smart blokes at MPC lost sight of.

AntiDem writes,

Mostly true, though the Pelosi old guard is doing everything it can to keep the AOC wing of the Democratic Party in check.

Sure, but do you hear Pelosi the Clapping Seal directly attacking the character of the Shriekin’ Reekin? Do you hear Pelosi calling for her to apologize or accusing her of “not being who we are”?


Pelosi is doing what I wrote above: in between mildly snarking at AOC, Pelosi is ignoring her.

Another reader notes,

The left is in power and had powerful people in their favor even before they took over. Rules of engagement change with circumstances.

Absolutely. The Left only has to fight one enemy: straight White men missing the grovel gene.

The Right has to fight Leftist freaks, massive institutional power, the bureaucracy, and, most critically, an Enemy Media.

The circumstances are different for us, and we have to fight like guerrillas against a much more numerous and logistically powerful foe engaged in asymmetrical warfare.

Our source of power to date has been Counter-propaganda (COPROP), and the Left knows this, which is why they have redoubled their efforts to kick us off every platform that matters and to demonetize us from existence.

Nonetheless, those asymmetrical circumstances which call for a smarter handling of our “extremists” compared to how the Left handles their extremists does not necessarily also mean we throw our front line warriors under the bus with ostentatious sanctimony, sniveling like house eunuchs begging our despotic overlords to spare us the ignominy of association with our own side.

Ignore Right, Chastise Right, Excuse Right, but don’t punch Right.

PS Porter writes at the Kakistocracy. Check him out.

PPS Another reason not to punch right: it shifts triangulation patterns. Triangulation for the flank-protected Left means the middle way is located between the center-Left and the extreme-Left. Triangulation for the flank-sacrificed Right means the middle way is between the center-Right (which has become the official “extreme-Right” absent its flank) and the extreme-Left (which has become the official “center-Left” from the pull of its protected flanks). Both triangulations are Left-ward shifts. The Right needs its flank, or its center is exposed to heavy fire.

PPPS Greg Eliot on why there isn’t an equivalent ‘don’t punch Left’ garment-rending national conversation,

The simple reason for this is that men on the Right have a more natural sense of objectivity and a deeper sense of right and wrong… we like the idea of brotherhood and comradeship, but a sense of personal honor also demands that you don’t countenance lies and deceit, even in a brother.

Of course, it’s hard to gainsay the argument that White men had better start thinking tribally, above all else, if we are to defeat the enemies that have been doing so since time immemorial.

But it is hard to try and rewire what God and/or nature already wired so thoroughly.

Greg is right. This isn’t idle conjecture either. Besides our lyin’ eyes, there is a growing body of evidence from the sciences that the races differ in empathic ability.

That “sense of personal honor” — aka integrity — is a notable trait of the White race, and there are racial differences in how willing people are to police their own. Whites are the undisputed racial group champs at policing their own. Other races are extremely tribal when it’s them vs us. No other race but Whites so thoroughly trashes their own to appease the Other and to abide a personal code of honor that imparts moral agency solely to Whites.

But the Integrity Gap exists within the White race as well as between races. Conservative Whites are generally more integrous than shitlib Whites. Again, not idle conjecture. Haidt has shown in his moral foundations theory that conservative Whites place equal emphasis on all moral dimensions, while shitlib Whites emphasize only two: fairness and harm. Shitlib Whites are so morally underdeveloped that they cannot even fathom the moral thinking of conservatives. It’s not an exaggeration to state that the morality of shitlib Whites is like a child’s view of the world.

Owing to this intra-White morality difference, Whites on the Right tend to be more sensitive to the failings of their fringe, while Whites on the Left can more easily tolerate the sins of their own fringe. Hence, the natural outcome of ‘don’t punch Left’.

Which is all a roundabout way to say this isn’t getting resolved except through another civil war.


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