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The Rejected Woman

From Jay, a field report demonstrating the power of female preselection.

I once saw a beautiful woman turn from flashing a gorgeous, sexy smile at a friend-zoned guy she knew had been in love with her to falling to pieces, her voice wobbling and the colour draining from her face, when she realised the stunning girl standing behind him was actually his new girlfriend.

I am talking total loss of composure, her frame shattered… she even said – and I quote her verbatim – “my life is up in the air now”.

The guy went on to marry the stunner and the fallen-to-bits girl went on to marry another man, but she happened to be in a supermarket with her new husband when she saw the friendzoned guy and his stunner wife there too. And her reaction? She started to kiss the face off her husband in front of the other couple.

Strange creatures, are women.

This isn’t so strange once you learn what makes women tick.

First, women know the score, their “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” platitudes to the contrary notwithstanding. Women know that their coin of the realm is their youthnbeauty. They know it consciously, they know it instinctually, and they know it soulfully. That’s why they have rationalization hamsters to spin away all that ego-crushing knowing.

So when a cocktease LJBF queen sees her beta orbiter in the arms of a hotter woman, she realizes on a primal level that she has been bested, and that perhaps she fucked up by not upgrading the former beta orbiter to an alpha reentry.

Second, the LJBF queen’s egregious public display of affection for her obviously second-rate husband whom she settled for in a fit of desperation is a common reaction among women when they bump into the lost but not forgotten alpha male of their dreams while out with their beta boy. The stark contrast in her feelings for the two men which is triggered by the impromptu meeting impels the woman to slobber over her beta hubby because, one, it assuages her guilt for desiring another man; two, it advertises (falsely, in the bravado) domestic tranquility and no regrets; three, it attempts to assure the other woman that LJBF girl does not covet her husband (which is a form of female neg); four, it conveys to the alpha male that she is HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY with her own man to spare her ego and prevent the alpha from enjoying “hand”; five, it deludes her to imagine she really didn’t lose anything by choosing her current beau over the former beta orbiter-turned-alpha with the hotter wife (“If I’m hungrily kissing him, he must be the best I can get”); and, six, it is a subconscious manifestation of her mate filtering urge to provoke jealousy in a higher value man and give her the external validation she craves that she is still sexy and desired by him.

All of these motivations occur at lightning-speed pace, as her synapses are firing off recklessly trying to make sense of the moment and of her suddenly activated libido. She’s not aware of the hindbrain processes at work in the background, but she doesn’t need to be for that ol’ Darwinian imprint to whirr and buzz to life as it works under the strain of achieving the goal of minimizing the assault on her SMV and maximizing the stroking of her ego.

FYI, this is related to the peculiar phenomenon of pre-finality sex, in which a woman about to dump a man will have bed frame-shattering sex with him the night before she lowers the boom. Enjoying one last bout of familiarity fornication is her way of finding “closure” and moving on without wondering if she made the wrong decision.


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