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The Tampon Mob is coming after men. Kavanaugh was the first fusillade in the war against White men.

When campus activists argue against the Trump administration’s due-process guidelines, they are arguing for the power of campus administrators to punish (mainly) young men for alleged acts on or off campus without cross-examination, without seeing available evidence, without a live hearing, and under definitions of the alleged offenses far broader than those that apply under relevant law.

Some people call this neo-Victorianism. I call it Gynarcho-Tyranny. The difference? Gynarcho-Tyranny absolves women of any accountability while punishing men for invisible infractions that offend the accusatory whims of women.

Victorianism placed a lot of social restrictions on women AND men. Gynarcho-Tyranny places those restrictions on men but allows women the freedom to explore their feral sexuality without shame or censure. This is lop-sided treatment that is bound to further corrode relations between the sexes.

We aren’t revisiting the age of Victorianism; we’re entering a new age of Misandrism. Anyone who denies this is willfully ignorant or malicious.

Women are unhappy, but instead of reflecting on the choices they make in their personal lives and at the voting booth and how those choices have contributed to their unhappiness, they have decided at the behest of their Narrative gatekeepers to direct all their incoherent rage against men, specifically White men.

And it’s showing up in Shrillennials, who are separating by sex into antagonistic camps.

70% of Millennial women voters identify with or lean to the Democratic Party, up from 56% four years ago https://t.co/dBuKkbHXBj pic.twitter.com/15VIh6vDWX

— Pew Research Center (@pewresearch) February 3, 2019

This isn’t controlled for race, so one has to assume the browning of America in the past two-three decades accounts for some proportion of the leftward lurch among Shrillennial women.

Nevertheless, the trends are apparent, and disheartening for red pilled White knights. Women in every generation except Silents (the oldest generation) have turned to the Snark Side. Female Millennial bluehairs and brownbears have lurched so far Left they may as well be concubines at pantifa BBC cuck parties.

The oldest women — the Silents — know what has been lost, and what we are rapidly losing, and they have responded by being the only female generation to turn Rightward. This generation is probably also the Whitest.

But we knew all this already.

What we didn’t know, perhaps, is the gumption and fortitude remaining in a contingent of normal-T Millennial men.

Men in general are more Republican — and more right-wing — that are women, but unlike their women the Millennial men have shifted a little bit away from the Left and to the Right. (Boomers and Gen X men have both shifted to the Left. Silent men are as based as you’d expect interpolating from their women.)

Diversity can’t explain this (unless there are more vibrant females than vibrant males in America). The shift is small, but notable, as it comes in the headwinds of their women marching frantically in the opposite direction.

What gives? It’s the Misandry. Millennial men are at the front lines of this Cunt’th Wave Feminist orgy of man-hate, and they recoil in fear and disgust.

It’s the Diversity. White Millennial men are watching their women lay with the Other in historically record numbers. No matter how shitlib the male shitlib, there is still a spark of life in his atrophied soyheart that stirs indignantly when his women are pillaged by invading tribesmen.

And it’s the Sexual Market Restructuring. Millennial men are standing idly by as their beta bux are strip mined by a corrupted social contract, by student loan debt, by a services economy favoring HR gossips, and by mass immigration gutting their wages and pricing them out of the livable housing market to feed a voracious urban shrew maw that sacrifices its prime fertility years and partial birth aborted children to alpha fux and credentialist gluts.

I welcome this Separation, for in it we will find Clarity, and an open view of the Battlefield and of the nature of our Enemy.

If Millennial men — the most pozzed and soyed generation of men in American history — are beginning to wake up, hang on, because that portends a much bigger change over the horizon…


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