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There was a show on TeeVee about a child getting a sex change operation, with the full support of parents and doctors, all of whom indoctrinated by the satanic “love wins” zeitgeist.

I’ll put the entire Twatter thread here. Read it, recoil at the horrors revealed, and realize we are much further down the path of culture death than you imagined.

(thread) on what happened on TV last night. The first recorded “celebrity” sex change and its horrific aftermath. Republican twitter may be upset about the governor of VA today. But this is happening all over the country and we need to talk about it pic.twitter.com/ZxdbsmPudr

— wyatt (@wyattbased) January 30, 2019


Context. This person has been suffering under this fake ideology since a child. Was put on drugs. And didnt have enough “meat” to make a “normal” sex change happen. So they did experimental surgery. The childs first exclamation is how “deep” its vagina is


The surgeries are BRUTAL. Plastic surgeons do these but the reality is its mutilation. Its moving parts of the body to where they do not belong to create something that isnt real or functional. Complications are nightmarish and end in suicides often.


The strain it puts on a family unit is intense. Even if a father consents to it or “believes” in the ideology his whole life. Its is not normal and in this case both the father and the grandparents flee the scene despite knowing complications could occur.


nd just 36 hours later disaster strikes. Because this is not a normal surgery. Complications are often NORMAL. You are cutting off skin and re-attaching it other places. In this case , loss of bloodflow would cause necrosis. Skin death


The doctor knew ahead of time there would likely be complications. This isnt okay because a doctors job is to do no harm. This person is in serious danger of massive infection and cell death. And if they survive , suicide from failed transition/mutilation


But the ultimate truth is this is the parents fault. The doctors are only complicit. This person was indoctrinated since 7 years old that it was an appropriate life choice and the parents allowed it. Soon the government will step in if you interfere


Currently nobody is fighting this. The GOP has not fought this. Nobody has. We are marching towards a very sick world and nobody is speaking up. Contact your representatives and educate yourselves. Its going to get worse.


When a parent is unable to tell their little boy or little girl who they are because of political or even legal consequences. This country will be beyond saving. We have seen how the LGBT mafia operates. But they are now targeting your kids. Pick a side. Pick your childs side

The degeneracy is accelerating. We are exponentially approaching complete social collapse.



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