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Aaaaaand Alexandria Of-Color comes out in favor of stealing wealth from Whites to pay reparations to browns and blacks.

Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stated on Monday that the United States should pay reparations to the non-white communities who were negatively impacted by America’s New Deal.

“I think the first thing that we need to do is realize that there’s a balance between this more universal struggle for racial, social and economic dignity, but at the same time, not erasing the individual stories of different communities,” Ocasio-Cortez responded when asked how government can create a just outcome among its citizens.

“You and I are in the same struggle. That does not give me a pass to not talk or acknowledge the black experience and that does not give you a pass to not acknowledge or talk about the plight of Puerto Ricans and people overall,” Ocasio-Cortez told interviewer Ta-Nehisi Coates. “It is in that exchange, and to say ‘you are distinct and you come from a distinct community that is valued and uplifted’ and vice versa.”

The only struggle I hear is AOC struggling to convincingly parrot the intersectionalist bullshit she picked up in college.

The self-proclaimed Democratic socialist contended that while people tend to associate reparations with slavery, instead, they should be associated with the effects of The New Deal, which, she argues, disproportionately impacted non-white communities.

Under the new rules of the United States of Alexandria Ocasio-Camacho, Whites will pay the GIBSgeld until the last White person’s bank account is emptied. Given enough demographic power, nonwhites won’t need the imprimatur of long-past slavery to justify robbing Whites blind.

The New Deal was a series of public works projects, financial reforms and government programs that were enacted in the 1930s by Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt as a response to the Great Depression.

“People think reparations is reparations for slavery, but really, economically speaking, reparations are for the damage done by the New Deal and redlining because that is where we saw a compounding of the existing inequity from the legacy of slavery, where we drew red lines around black communities,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

Racial policies like redlining had very little lasting impact on the status of blacks. Redlining was a reaction to black dysfunction, not a cause of it. The arrow of causality is messed up from decades of propaganda, which Alexandria Of-Polychromatic has dutifully absorbed. Black biology ===> redlining to avoid black biology.

Btw, the worst case of “racial discrimination” (according to shitlib standards) occurred in Japan — two nukes were dropped on two cities, leveling them both to the ground — and today both of those cities gleam with life and vitality. Funny how “keeping the jap man down” didn’t keep him down for long.

“We said white communities will get home loans and they will get access to the basic bedrock of wealth in America and this will be your heirloom and we gave white America the heirloom that appreciated overtime, that people still benefit from today and we did not give to African-American and Mexican communities, Puerto Rican communities.”

Did AOC pick up that “heirloom” touch-phrase from a Dem (((handler))) or during a Woe Is Woman 101 lecture?

FYI the United States was 90% White and 10% black in the 1930s. Other races were a tiny fraction of the total population. The Mexican and Sassy Reekin’ communities were practically nonexistent during the New Deal era.

The New York congresswoman also compared the treatment of non-white communities in America’s past to the Holocaust, urging the United States to follow Germany’s example by paying reparations and acknowledge the suffering that occurred during Nazi occupation in order to move forward.

More blacks were killed in the last twenty years in Detroit than blacks who died from lynchings over the entire history of the United States.

And just lol that somehow White America has failed to “acknowledge the suffering” of blacks. Holy fuck what planet is this ditz on? The last six DECADES have been nothing but a daily cuckbeat of pandering to blacks and begging their forgiveness.

“It’s important to tell the story of where we’ve been and what others are doing as well because we look at, for example, Germany, and how they’ve been able or they’re attempt to try to heal after the Holocaust,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “Germany paid reparations and they went through that process and they had that truth-telling process. And until America tells the truth about itself, we’re not going to heal.

Yes, America needs more truth-telling about racial realities like disparate aptitudes, behaviors, preferences, and temperaments. But that’s not what AOC means. She means White America hasn’t prostrated itself enough to the swarming aPOCalypse. “Heal” in her context means “bend the knee, White man, or we will bend it for you”.

She’s a right proper puppet for Globohomo. Such an accomplished liar, BSer, and tribalistic shell entity.

The truth about AOC is this: she’s a garden variety anti-White bigot. Nothing special about her beyond that.

A reader objects,

In fairness she has a pretty sweet set of milkers?

She’s one of these chicks who looks kinda pretty from a distance, but up close it’s a WHOA MYSTERY MEAT moment.

Another reader,

I can’t wait til she’s president and we go into full Rhodesia mode.


AOC gives interviews like she used to bantz as a barmaid: loose, unstructured, vapid, and immune to facts, logic, or coherence.

In other words, the typical middling IQ solipsistic thot.

From a White man,

Funny, though, she’s dating a white guy named Riley Roberts… I’m sure he’s a self hatin cuck but regardless, I find it hilarious that these white-hating individuals talk so much shit about whites yet still want to fuck us.

Don’t let the media tell you otherwise. The White man is still the apex sexual market prize to the world’s women.

Sure, she has decent milkies. She better served America as a bartender.

From Nate,

Anytime somebody seriously talks about implementing reparations from whites to blacks, we should counter with proposing that blacks should have to pay higher taxes to support the extra police required due to their higher crime rate. Shift that overton window rightward.

It’s insane that white->black reparations aren’t immediately dismissed and laughed off whenever brought up. It’s straight-up race-based theft, and 90% of people have been conditioned to view it as within the acceptable bounds of policy discussion.

America has turned into an outdoor insane asylum. The lunatic fringe is everywhere.


Crossing my fingers that AOC is “our girl” and Mobster Girl Nancy P is being forced to play a role. Less optimistic on the latter after the MLK weekend shenanigans

AOC has her usefulness. She gives shit to Dem hacks and can’t be touched because “woman of color with little girl sociopath voice like Blasey-Ford”. I hope AOC continues discombobulating the Dems like Trump does to the Cucklicans, but the inescapable reality with her is that she’s just another Al Sharpton with an updated poopytalk lexicon.

Every AOC in America right now:

Is anyone else sick of this anti-White man shit? I sure am.

PS Steve Sailer’s excellent effortpoast, “Identity Stalinism“.


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