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From MPC Status Updates,

I have nothing legal to say about journalists anymore

The combined forces of the media are taking out their anti-White Christian wrath on a boy.

A White boy.

Who shows more courage in his young heart than a hundred thousand cucks will show in a lifetime bending their knees to slob the zog knob.

Imagine, as Audacious E suggests, the roles were reversed. A 14 year old black boy surrounded by adult White men hurling insults at him and beating a drum in his face as he stood there stoically enduring the provocation.

Within the week, there would be statues erected to that black boy, and the witch hunts against wrong-thinking Whites would intensify.

The future is one megacorp media company employing POC shock troops to entrap Whites in the few remaining outposts to make a facial expression that is anything but abject submission, whereupon they, their families, and any White children within a ten mile radius will be banished from school and employment and forced to live on tubers and lichen.

Unless we stop it.

When vibrant inner-city youths kidnapped that white boy with autism and tortured him on Facebook live there was less commotion, concern, and media coverage than when a white boy smirked.

Remember that and never forget it.

— Brett MacDonald (@TweetBrettMac) January 21, 2019

Whites are remembering.
All of it.
And that’s what our enemies fear.

Reminder that Globohomo lackey David Hogg is on his way to Harvard while Nick Sandmann has to deal with media-approved death threats and will likely be blacklisted from every college in America.

Can you feel your righteous hate rising?


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