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Via Mencius Moldbugman, a Twatter thread on a story you won’t hear on NPR any time soon.


Strap yourself in for a long one. I’m about to share the sordid and twisted tale of Simon Mol: the African human rights and anti-racist who literally – LITERALLY – pozzed Poland’s leftists. pic.twitter.com/7nWBwZiciR

— Mencius Moldbugman (@moldbugman) January 16, 2019

Go to the thread and read the whole thing. The degenerate poz has been stewing for a long time, and now it’s exploding like a gas-filled corpse.

Commenter Stoly provides the executioner’s summary,

It is the Poz and POC and diveritopia and negr0latry all in one. it is the illiad, the great gatsby of weimerica.

summary : black refugee has hiv given refugee status, becomes polish leftist, makes living accusing his new country of racism, shames women who want to use condoms of being racist, sleeps with 300 women gives at least 40 hiv, , establishment covers for him wont reveal his status, supporters accuses detractors of racism, mother blames white man for his death….

Simon’s Mollies: Simon Mol with his Polish harem:

Simon picked up many of his women from the “Warsaw Salon” – an artistic, liberal circle. In his writing Simon described these girls as ‘white mice’ – “sensitive, and adoring women who believed they were doing their duty towards political correctness by helping the poor refugee.”

One girl infected by Simon explained later: “I was fascinated by human rights activist fighting with racial stereotypes. Soon we started to meet, went to bed. I didn’t suspect that he could infect me with HIV virus and even less, hide from me that he is infected…”

“…I also thought that suspecting him of being infected would equal giving way to stereotypes. Thus we made love unprotected.”

A poem Simon Mol once wrote, titled “Polish Goddess”:

Then – as the Moon lit the path
of the beautiful Goddess
illuminating the darkness of the night
two tears ran down her left eye
ending their journey
burying all the nightmares
healing wounds foisted upon me
and upon my Brothers
by those like her.

Simon Mol fucked over 300 leftist Polish women with the intention of infecting them with the AIDS virus. He succeeded infecting 40 of them. His lofty goal was murder of the White race through its women.

Simon Mol is dead now. His victims are wastrels dependent on expensive drug cocktails to stay alive. They are ruined for native Polish men. How many of Mol’s later conquests knew about his history with leftist women or about his disease, and fucked him anyway?

Black AIDS fux, White beta bux.

Simon Mol was a vector of death.
Simon Mol’s sponsors are enemies of European Christendom and the White race.
Simon Mol’s mudsharks are unsupervised children and traitorous cunts.

Truth hurts.

But not as much as wh*t’s c*ming n*xt.


Simon Mol is a case study in the seductive power of Game when it is coupled with an easily exploitable status signaling of the targets. Mol created an identity and then sold that identity to gullible women using his charm, confidence in his ruse, and an unshakeable frame.

Game can wreck civilization. But Game can also save civilization, if White men would wake up and accept the Rude Word into their lives.


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