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Is The Cuckoldry Rate Rising?

In cuckoldry news, the sales of personal, home-based paternity tests are rising in the UK.

Sales of ‘secret’ paternity tests are surging, according to suppliers of DIY home kits.

The DNA tests, which can be carried out with simple cheek swabs, are leading to growing numbers of men discovering they are not the biological father of children they had been led to believe were theirs.

AlphaBiolabs, the leading British home test supplier, says up to 30,000 paternity tests are being performed in this country every year – and that the figures are rising by ten per cent per year.

‘Of these, around 20 per cent of men will learn they are not the father of the child they are testing,’ says the company’s director, David Thomas. He added that in some regions the figure is higher, including the North East, where it is 30 per cent.

The explosion in demand for the tests has been fuelled by the ease with which definitive DNA paternity results can now be obtained. For about £99, testing kits which promise 100 per cent accurate next-day results can be bought online.

Primal human sexuality and the associated mate acquisition psychologies of the sexes are under novel, extreme pressures from modern technologies — cheap contraception, the Pill, abortion, online hardcore porn, mass produced pulp romance, sexbots, and cheap private paternity tests. These pressures will rock the sexual market like nothing before them in history, save genetic bottlenecks caused by genocides or mass die-offs. Few but bastions like this humble abode are talking about it, and that’s criminally negligent because the current social changes will have effects on human sexuality and the future of nations beyond what our meager powers of speculation can conjure. We are truly entering uncharted territory.

Most of these changes will benefit one or the other sex, with some of those benefits going to a few advantageously positioned members from the sex which bears the costs. Cheap at-home anonymous paternity testing will greatly hinder the ability of women to access their Darwinian prerogative for extra-pair conception (aka alpha fux, beta bux), and thus greatly benefit men. Women, naturally, will never admit they would cuckold a beta husband and fool him into raising the bastard spawn of an alpha lover, but they don’t have to admit it; their subconscious limbic compulsion does all the dirty work for them.

Not all women are cuckold risks, UNDER THE OPERATIVE SOCIAL CONSTRAINTS. There is a plausible theory that women of certain races co-evolved with their men toward a greater monogamous instinct and less cuckoldry. But evolution doesn’t stop. There is no “end of history”. If social pressures change, sexual selection will change as well, and behaviors will adapt to the new reality.

Gene-culture co-evolution. If social constraints, in whatever form (shared values, religious, communal shaming), weaken and fall apart, then even women who have evolved toward favoring monogamous mating will adapt, slowly at first but quickening as the marginal cases become the norm, to the new selection pressures, and cuckoldry could theoretically become more common in those societies.

At the same time social constraints on feral female sexuality are breaking down, cheap private paternity testing is pushing in the opposite direction on Darwinian evolutionary calculations, making it riskier for women to heed an unconscious urge to cuckold their drearily dependable betas. In the state of nature, cuckoldry as a reproduction strategy only pays off if the woman can successfully dupe her resource provider or if the resource provider can be convinced to stay and help raise the bastard “for the good of the child”.

The latter seems to be more common currently, but the former is a dying tactic. Soon, thanks to cheap paternity testing kits, very few men but the dumbest and poorest will be successfully duped into eighteen years of emotional rape and indentured servitude. A wife who cuckolds her husband now runs a real risk that he’ll find out quickly if he’s the biological father, and will know this without intensely manipulative blackmail from the mother to retreat from the discovery process. He could leave her alone with the bastard, and without any community or family support.

You could cut the tension between loosening social mores and tightening technological oversight with a knife. This goes to a dark place. Increasingly liberated and unhappy women lashing out at increasingly distrustful and indifferent men. A skankocracy of sexual predators chafing under the by-laws of a surveillance state technocracy (idealistic beta males hardest hit).

The cuckoldry data from the UK isn’t necessarily evidence of an overall rising cuckoldry rate. There’s a sample bias effect here….suspicious fathers who get paternity testing kits are more likely to have been cuckold victims. But still, that number is disturbingly high, and suggests that a de facto polygynous sex market is emerging in the UK, just as it is all over the West.

So while sales of personal paternity testing kits and a 20% positive hit rate on results aren’t proof of a general rise in the cuckoldry rate, they are leading indicators that something foul is upsetting the normal functioning of the sexual market.

As long as the State continues acting as a substitute husband and father for Western wahmen, lavishing largesse and incentives on women to behave in ways which increase the chance of single mommery, then reliable, cheap, and widely available paternity testing which decreases the number of beta male dupes and quislings will accelerate the trends away from marriage and toward African-style polygyny.

PS Reminder that a 1% cuckoldry rate is more than 30 TIMES the recorded rape rate in the US. A useful comparison the next time some femcunt launches into a diatribe about rape culture and the patriarchy.


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