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If you tear down one big wall, a thousand smaller walls appear in its place. To wit:

If you don’t put borders around your countries, you will be forced to put borders around everything within your countries. https://t.co/kXQ4isvO1f

— Vengeful Jesus (@VJ_Rises) January 6, 2019

“But walls don’t work”

Oh they do. They work very well, which is why shitlibs lash out so hysterically against any move toward building a national border wall. If walls were truly ineffective, Chuck Schumer wouldn’t kvetch so much.

The choice is a big beautiful wall at the nation’s border, or millions of smaller walls multiplying every day around the nation’s landmarks, gentrifying neighborhoods, gated communities, parks, pools, schools, and places of worship.

Human nature hasn’t changed. We wall off our precious homelands against invaders. If we let the invaders waltz in, then we wall off our precious homes from them.

Until there’s nothing left to wall off but ourselves.


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