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Carlson must have been reading manosphere blogs recently and swallowed a few Crimson Pills on his journey to becoming the real-est Realtalker on the TelaViv, because in his latest show he drops a truth bomb so big it caused feminists to shriek themselves to death.

No joke, I would vote for a Carlson/Coulter presidential ticket. There are few people who could trigger the shitlib gooniverse harder than does Trump, but Carlson might achieve it, and he does it with smarts and sureness of belief.

His main point — that cratering male wages in traditionally male occupations have reduced men’s marriage market value in the rural areas and small towns which voted heavily for Trump, contributing to a host of current social ills in those areas — is spot on, and something that we here at the Chateau have been banging on about for a long time.

When the State replaces men as the primary provider for women, then women, in effect, will marry the State (and fuck around with charming, undependable cads). Compassion creates more cads.

Carlson has broached the subject of female hypergamy — the third rail of sociosexual analysis — and the femcunts and soyboy lickspittles don’t like it.

In short, men date across and down, women date across and up. Men are primarily attracted to women’s looks, women are primarily attracted to men’s social and financial status (especially for long-term commitments). When men lose status, their women lose desire for them.

The beating heart of the Trump vote was a howl from men who have experienced an SMV decline — sexual and social market value declines brought upon them by anti-White pro-Diversity agitprop and nonWhite dispossession, the disappearance of male-oriented occupations that don’t require a facility with sitting still in an office chair all day, and the cheapening of their labor by foreign invaders scabs invited in at the behest of greedy corporate oligarchs.

And, as Carlson said, almost word-for-word recapping posts written at the Chateau, the female hypergamous instinct may be distasteful to contemplate, but it’s not going anywhere soon, because the sexes have innately competing reproductive goals. A smart, sane society understands this, and works to leverage the beneficial effects of that instinct rather than encourage its worst aspects.

Thankfully, Trump has managed to turn it around, a little. The manufacturing industry posted the biggest job gains in twenty years in 2018.

On the downside, there are still too many gains in education, health services, and hospitality, which translates to dead weight gibs for women and migrants, which ultimately has a corrosive effect on the marriage market for White men.

I would have to see the percentage gains for each occupational group over the last few years to determine if this is a blip or a real and lasting course correction. It’s great that manufacturing jobs have increased, but if the increase in Shrike Jobs is larger then the gains in manufacturing, than the benefits from the latter will be swamped by the negative consequences of the former.

A successful realization of MAGA means the top two occupation groups are at the bottom, and at least six of the bottom eleven occupation groups storm the top of the jobs gain chart.


Great comment from bigjohn33,

That was a very powerful piece by Tucker. I dont think it’s overly dramatic to say that speech has the potential to become a landmark historical event. This was an implicit call for white Americans to (presumably peacefully) overthrow the government. Tucker is clearly saying both political parties are working against the interests of normal (meaning white) men, their families, and descendents and their power over the People is illegitimate.

There are so many good quotes in there. I am greatly encouraged. There is hope yet. The metapolitical landscape is changing. I have never seen anything like this in the mainstream before. This is something new. This is what a revolution looks like.

Our ruling class is illegitimate. This is our battle cry.


Another great comment, from Screwtape,

There is another element of the invader labor problem: the erosion of the culture of work.

The ‘jobs Americans wont do’ lie is not just about depressed wages. It is about creating an environment that does not encourage and facilitate the matriculation of labor in the young heritage population.

The browing of physical and low-skill labor has accelerated the cultural decline of the value of hard work, of doing a job that is tough and often sucks, and of honing social and other skills in dealing with a work environment.

This has fed into the pussified, entitled, and soft generation who never had to work at mcdonalds or dig irrigation ditches. Like “good schools” all these prog white parents won’t subject their precious spawn to the brown hoards who dominate jobs that teenagers used to regulalry perform.

While I hardly blame them for that, there is more to a labor market than wages and the invaders have played a major role in the rite of passage of labor and incentives and ultimately, community and culture.

Mass nonWhite immigration destroys White culture. We may as well stop beating around the bush on this matter.


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