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Do men hit the field with wings anymore? It seems in this anti-social, SJWed, MeScrewy age the wingman institution is struggling to survive. Do men even sarge? Solo? I see a lot of slores gallivanting around after 5pm, but not nearly as many men.

A teaser I’ve dropped on chicks which has proven surprisingly effective requires the use of a wingman. It’s a line delivered with an attitude that you’d describe as “cocky-asshole”, so be prepared to back up your bluster with the necessary ZFG to bat away the girl’s indignant reaction.

I walk up to the girl and say, “My buddy over there says you were checking him out. Maybe try not to be so obvious, he spooks easily.”

This works no matter what she was doing.

  1. Not checking either of you out. Now she’ll protest her innocence and/or your arrogance, which opens fruitful avenues of flirtation.
  2. She was checking out your buddy. Wave him over, because she’s ready to talk. Ideally, he’ll have a relevant reply at the ready, such as, “Ah man, I didn’t want to get dragged into this” or “damn, the pressure is on”.
  3. She was actually checking you out, in which case she’ll likely play along or suddenly turn shy. You could go many different ways with this. You could affect an air of sudden realization, “Oh wait, that was ME you were checking out. Well, this is awkward”. Or you could act the part of the disappointed friend. “Now I have to go over there and break the bad news to him”.

This is classic Assume The Sale Game, with a winged twist. The idea is that instead of lamely enduring two rejections from mutual inaction, you work together to ensure at least one of you gets a hot lead.


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