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Female Beauty From 1 To Zen

A few readers suggested it was time for another female beauty ranking contest. I agree. In these Ugly times, we need all the moments of Beauty we can get.

The same rules apply as in earlier Female Beauty Ranking posts:

…rank order the ten photos below, assigning a number between 1 and 10 inclusive for each photo. DO NOT USE A NUMBER MORE THAN ONCE. The photos are in no particular order. [Pics were chosen that] represent a woman at each point on the 1 to 10 beauty scale.

The best way to do this without biasing your ratings is to first look at all the photos before ranking them. Then go back and judge like a god. The idea behind this rather pleasurable exercise is to demonstrate the conformity of men’s attractiveness standards…


I also predict, as before in the first female ranking exercise, that the most disagreement will occur in the middle rankings — 4,5,6 — where a woman’s looks tend to blend in with the masses of other women along the fat part of the bell curve, and at the very upper end where great battles will be fought to decide who is the 10.

I’ve avoided posting pics of grossly obese or very old women, because fat and age obscure any natural facial beauty. For the most part, obese women and old women are zeroes on the female SMV scale.


Girl Next Door ranking:

PS This entire post is an Easter egg of sorts.


The Easter Eggs, in order from top to bottom:

A young Melania Trump
Alexandria Of-Color
Nancy Pelosi’s daughter
Yuki the sexbot
Masha Gessen
David Hogg (lightly airbrushed)
Allison Mack (head groomer for Nvxium sex cult leader Raniere)
Rebecca Reid (new media feminist and distantly former model)
Elke Sommer (Swede, and first name of the very first girl who made me feel all funny inside)
Stephanie something yada yada (just another dumbshit feminist)
Mollie Tibbetts (sacrificed to the Diversity God)


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