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Brazil’s president-elect Jair Bolsonaro says vibrant migrants are making parts of France unlivable. Of course, he is right.

What do Trump, Bolsonaro, Salvini, and Orban have in common?
An excessive fealty to [the special people]? Sure, but a red herring
A taste for beautiful women? 3 out of 4, yes.
A love for nation and its implied racial origins? Yes.
But the trait they share most closely


Dear President Trump,

You were graced with a leonine physiognomy. Your phyzz inspires trust, loyalty, and hope in a time of crisis. And yet you squander the good will your phyzz engenders on backtracks, betrayals, and befuddlement. Your signature issue — the Wall — languishes in the congressional committee where Heritage America goes to die. You denied us our life-giving Wall when you meekly said you’d sign a funding bill that was a shitlib’s dream: No Wall, and More Jamals.

No doubt Jared Kushner is proud of his accomplishment, but we didn’t elect Jared to be president. We elected you. Likewise, we suspect your favored daughter Ivanka whispers sweet shitlibboleths in your ear, and you caved to her worldview, thinking this was the way to win over suburban soccer moms. It won’t, but you knew that already in your gut.

You have spent the last year ignoring your gut to be led astray by the Uniparty and your lovely if lemming-like daughter.

I wrote at the beginning of your presidency that family would be your Achilles’ heel. Daddies can’t resist the manipulative sympathy ploys of weepy daughters, and Ivanka, being by all accounts a standard issue gogrrl cosmopolitan shitlib, would pluck your fiercely loyal heart strings like a virtuoso.

I have been proven right. Read my words as if they were holy writ, for my prescience is unmatched. I am here to help you cement your legacy as a Great Transformational President instead of as a weak, transitional buffoon whose only service to America will have been setting the table for Civil War 2.

Your voters won’t switch teams. But they will sit it out if their number one, two, and three issues are ignored (or worse, made mockery of), which is nearly as bad as switching teams, electorally speaking.

Remember who put you in office:

The Forgotten Americans.
Those who felt like strangers in their own land.
The downtrodden, dispossessed, and displaced.

In other words, no one inside the globohomo urban bubbles voted for you. Keep your eyes on your people. They are out there, yearning for a leader they can admire, respect, and rally behind when besieged by countless enemies within. They won’t allow the enemy media to demoralize them, but they can be demoralized if you abandon them.

Know your friends and allies, so that you can feel ashamed if you let them down.

Brian Kolfage, a Purple Heart war vet who lost three limbs fighting a war YOU once said America had no business fighting, has, last checked, raised 6 million dollars in a GoFundMe campaign to build the Wall.

A man chewed up and spit out by Globohomo is pulling ordinary Americans together to build the nation-preserving Wall that our degenerate, malevolent, corrupt rulers refuse to build. This man who gave more to our country than a thousand Senators will ever give is trying to protect Americans which our overlords have deemed unworthy of protection.

We wanted you to be transformational. None of us had ever seen another candidate take it to the corrupt Uniparty like you did. You were a folk hero come to life. A Mr. Smith if he were also a billionaire playboy. So we invested our loyalty. Now it’s time to repay us, or we won’t fear your transitional status and what comes next. (Carlson/Coulter 2024)

The next time Chuck Schumer sneers at you, or Ivanka pleads for you to be more like her sophisticate urbanite friends, or a hundred globalist establishment wormtongues counsel you against your instincts, remember Brian Kolfage. He is your champion as much as you are his champion.

If a one-limbed triple amputee war vet can’t shame you into keeping your biggest promise, nobody can.

And maybe, thankfully, word from the outposts of freethought is reaching you. Today, you changed course, perhaps after Ann Coulter, America’s best political commentator in a generation, took you to the shed. You unfollowed her in a butthurt but understandable rage, yet her warning must ring in your ears. Now we learn you will veto a bill which contains no funding for the life-giving Wall. We hope you do. Six decades of hot air from our ruling class is enough. Assume your destiny.

We also learn you will promptly pull all of our troops out of Syria (aka shithole #45). This is good. It’s time to end Invade the World, Invite the World. No more pointless wars. Internecine Moslem squabbles aren’t our concern, unless we let millions of them into our homelands. There’s a lesson there.

You should not have to get a dressing-down from the combined forces of Deplorable, Inc to remember your campaign promises and keep them. You should know instinctively by now what needs doing, and do it. If you constantly need slaps upside the head to do the right thing, what were your campaign talking points? Reality show out-takes? Pandering? What a shame if you disappoint the divine providence which gave you to America.

My immediate advice to you follows:

Fire everyone you can. This includes hit man Mueller. Keep Stephen Miller and Sarah Sanders. You know this by the term “drain the swamp”. I’ll leave the fate of Kellyanne to your discretion. Tell her to divorce her fat slob husband.

Stop hiring natural born enemies. Gary Cohn? Rex Tillerson? Wtf were you thinking?

Rehire fresh faces from outside the Acela class. If they are inexperienced, all the better. They will strive to please you and implement MAGA, and won’t have the insider connections to subvert your will. If government grinds to a halt….well, that’s still better than government working to grind America into a third world shithole.

Understand that the entire federal bureaucracy works against you. Whatever MAGA patriots lurk in the cubicle farms of fedgov are greatly outnumbered and intimidated by Deep State operatives. Read James Burnham’s mid-century book about the danger of an ossifying managerialist state. The threat is real. There is no point to “cutting deals” with a den of snakes. Thrash the snakes, then write your legacy with a clean slate.

Remove Javanka from the White House. Make up any excuse you need that preserves family harmony. When Ivanka has your ear, you have your son Barron’s eyes. He is the nationalist future. Ivanka is the globalist past.

All of which is to advise, more succinctly,

live up to your physiognomy.

It heartens your friends and frightens your enemies.

You can only betray us if you first betray yourself.

Stay true, and beauty will follow.

Yours in the fight,



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