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Vicarious Female Submission

This is a great Game vajnette from VinnyVette, illustrating the concept of vicarious female submission.

Current girlfriend of four years…
First night I met her, on the second beer at a local drinking establishment. Was talking about a crazy freak I was banging who was stalking me. Grabbed new girl by the hair, pulled her to me, looked her in the eyes and said “and I slapped her in the face and told her to look at me while I’m fucking you!” The look in new girls eyes said I’d be fucking her that night, and I did. Been my love slave ever since…

Clever, clever. Allow a girl to experience that intoxicating submission to a dominant man, while maintaining a MeToo-proof plausible deniability by expressing that dominance through the alibi of a remembered fling with another woman.

First, there’s the DHV and hamster-stroke table setting: he’s so irresistible he turns girls into “crazy freak” stalkers.

Then, there’s the kino escalating hair-grab delivered with a built-in, face-saving retraction should it be unwelcome (he’s just demonstratively recalling a story about a girl who was crazy for him).

The physicality of the move is pure pulp romance rape fantasy fuel. Gentlemen, if you really want to heat up the bedroom, skip the roses and sweet nothings and go straight to the hair grab and head-pull toward your face.

Strong eye contact is critical when attempting a power play over a woman’s hindbrain. Don’t break the spell by glancing upward thinking about what you’ll say next.

The follow-up line slyly embeds “Look at me while I’m fucking you!” within a larger, at-a-remove narrated context. You obviously won’t say this to a girl on the first night you meet her, after the second beer. But you can get away with arousing the same feelings in her as she would have swooning under the throaty delivery of that line from an actual lover in an actual bedroom situation, by saying the line within the safe space of a recalled romance with another girl.

This is a version of NLP — embedding trigger words (the good kind of triggering) into a conversation to lead a girl to imagine scenarios, transactions, with you.

It’s unrealistic to say to a girl you just met, “Look at me. Look at me! I’m the pussy smasher now”, but you can get away with it if you frame it as a retold story: “and I slapped her in the face and told her to look at me while I’m fucking you!”.

Note that final pronoun. Not, “…told her to look at me while I’m fucking her”, but “…told her to look at me while I’m fucking you”. YOU. The girl sitting there listening to this is now an active participant in the story. She is the girl from his story, getting wet for the pimp hand.

Finally, the romantic slap. You don’t have to do it, you only have to say you’d do it, or that you’ve done it, to elicit similar feelings of feral, pre-orgasmic submission in a woman. Words are their own form of hyperconsensual foreplay.


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