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Ann Coulter Went There

CNN runs anti-White agitprop every minute of every day….no one fired.

One CNN apparatchik has a “Palestine moment” off the clock, and he gets booted to the unemployable wastelands by Those Who Must Not Be Criticized.

Reminder: CNN’s CEO is Jeff Zucker. The media is a special kind of place.


Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson are the only two allies we dissidents have in the quasi-mainstream media. I’m not kidding. If those two lose their platforms, we have no one — NO ONE — with a toehold in the legacy media who come CLOSE to recapitulating what we heretics write on our unheralded loveblogs.

So you could say I have little patience for people on my side who want to toss Coulter and Tucker overboard because they occasionally indulge civnat shibboleths.


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