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Maybe you think your black pills weren’t filling you with enough despondency. You need a bigger hit; a downer so down you lay flat on the ground as a two dimensional abstraction.

Then get ready to swallow this horse pill so black it has its own event horizon. From Deter Naturalist,

Citing how successful was the Left these last 500 years (in various revolutions) is like citing rising share prices for individual stocks within a larger bull market.


If you can’t get to actual cause, studying effects is navel-gazing.

I’ve been on record for years that the coming trend change will be characterized by an inversion of the rising social trust and Utopianism (better understood as the Gnostic Heresy in both openly religious and occult, putatively secular forms) that defined Leftism writ large. Westerners have been outgrouping for 500 years. I think that trend is past.

What we see everywhere our eyes are allowed to recognize is one institution after another being destroyed from within by the very individuals who depend on it or who own it. Government (and news media, “churches,” medical systems, pretty much everything) becomes ever-less capable.

All these systems now obey the iron laws of monopoly, inevitably closing in on the Black Hole Phenomenon where resources go in and nothing of value subsequently emerges. The nation-state, instituted to bring order and stop internecine warfare, is now the primary source of disorder and inter-group warfare.

For the last 40 years the West’s Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous were placed on each Nation’s National MasterCard, a phenomenon always present during the inevitable run-up to bankruptcy.

It resulted in a misallocation of capital resources on a scale never-before seen. The denouement of this will be a long period of idle capital (while most of it degrades to valuelessness) including the “investment” people made in their “skill sets.” Unemployment on a scale never imagined is certain, as is an endless pathological stream of “top-down fixes” that will make things worse (just as did such efforts in the 1930’s.) Politics will determine haves and have-nots, leading to a downward spiral of collapse and hardship.

It won’t matter, eventually, who controls Congress or the Judiciary. The FedGov will eventually be irrelevant. What is local will rise to exclusive relevance as social trust “distance” shrinks.

Leftism grew to a pathological collective suicide pact. It’s long-past due a reversal.

It’s funny, if you squint, hold the words at a distance, and take measures to counter the side effects, the Blackest Pill sounds like the Whitest Pill. Maybe we have to flirt with civdeath to find the courage to claw back to life.

Personally, I like the idea of a reinvigorated social trust at the local level, as the Leftoid Leviathan recedes to irrelevancy.


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