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Democrats Are The Woman Party

Zach Goldberg is a good source of hatefacts on Twatter, which means that he will soon be spotted by the Eye of Sauros and de-personed by a team of H1Bs at Singsoc headquarters, and will never be able to find gainful employment again. America, Land of the Free, baby!

In his latest series of twats, he discovers that the beating heart of the Democrat Party is located in the vagina:

The percent of Democrats who say it’s the government’s job to ensure equal incomes across all races (i.e. equality of outcome) increased 13 % points between 1995 and 2015–with the largest growth coming from White Democrats (+17 % points) pic.twitter.com/TENWfpbUAF

— Zach Goldberg (@ZachG932) November 27, 2018

That’s bad. Real bad. It shows just how deeply the Leftoid Equalism Big Lie has entrenched itself in the American psyche. White Democrats are becoming more cucked, or more ethnomasochistic, or more in thrall to indulging vapid sanctimony against their unreconstructed racial kin. But wait, White men of either party seem to be largely immune to this Big Lie indoctrination, and White women….well, let the data speak for itself:

On closer examination, it appears that most, if not all, of this growth is driven by female Dems. Among Whites, 45.3% of female Dems gave this response in 1995 as compared to 71.3% in 2015. pic.twitter.com/5vGyWPw4Wq

— Zach Goldberg (@ZachG932) November 27, 2018

White women are the primary force driving the Democrat Party into pathologically universalist, anti-White lunacy.* You know who’s been warning about this for a long time? Yeah, *this guy*.

More precisely, Democrats are the Woman and Sw@rth Party, but sw@rth-americans haven’t changed much over the years. They have been and continue to be gibs-maximizing trashworld commies with a giant chip on their shoulders about Whitey.

What’s changed is that White women have joined them in beating up on White men, the surviving remnant of Heritage America.

Yeah, yeah, married White women aren’t as keen on the whole White Dispossession Snowlocaust. Small comfort, given that married White women are a vanishing breed. Single White women are WHO WE ARE NOW, and it isn’t pretty. At all.

The Democrats have a White Man Problem. They should do something about that.

Democrats: effete, hysterical, womanish, and now auto-genocidal. Great combo!

I dunno, maybe it’s time for White American men to politically divorce their White women, and accept that they will have to be the sole vanguard fighting at the front lines for America’s soul.

White men can ease their consciences about this bitter divorce knowing that, after victory over Globohomo is achieved, White women will come back to them, invigorated with newfound admiration and love for them (and pretending that their whole betrayal thingie never happened).

*Other interesting revelations jump out from that sex/party-ID chart:

  • White females are the group responsible for pushing the Dems to the Lunatic-Left. Negr0latry is their religion, anti-White avowals their genuflection.
  • Even Independent affiliated females have surged in their support for race equalism.
  • Republican women (color coded green for some odd reason) have had a slight decline in support for race equalism/anti-Whiteism. These are probably the married White women, and they are hardening in their loyalty to White men, praise Kek.
  • Democreep males are now less leftist than Democreep females.
  • Republican males are more cucked today than they were in 1995. These are your NeverTrumpers.
  • The most notable change in a positive direction is the substantial decline in support for race equalism from Independent affiliated men. This is where Trump can pick up a lot of voters going into 2020, but he’ll need to put into action the populist policies of his campaign agenda, and give the Koch-owned GOPe the finger.


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