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The Shrieking Of The Thots

And you think if you save a ho, you could make them stop, don’t you? You think if a ho loves you, you won’t fap alone in the dark ever again to that awful shrieking of the thots.

An old Swiss woman shows soyboys how to properly patrol the thots.

Reminder that you’re never to old to patrol these thots pic.twitter.com/grjvzI4MMz

— Scooby (@scooobee) November 24, 2018

Nice. I waited for the shrieking of the thots, and was not disappointed.

Many “she knows how to handle a hose” jokes in the comments.

The Swiss are surprisingly based for a Hajnal tri-nation. Don’t rule them out as players in the coming natpop revolutions.

Roosh audits a thot:

lmao. It’s a good thing to soak the thots and make them pine for the days when a dependable beta male provider would give them a life of comfort and ease.

Even the libertardians are beginning to see the light and question whether it’s a good idea to allow the thots to roam free.

There’s an immigration lesson in there.

It’s almost like, oh I dunno, a certain blog was discussing this and related topics LONG BEFORE anyone else.

PS Men generally don’t rebel against abject thottery if there is an element of sexual egalitarianism from societal oversight. In other words, if the majority of men sexually (read: reproductively) benefit from loosened female sexual mores, then men won’t look a gift ho in the mouth. But that’s never what happens; loose women who have sexualized themselves are no more giving up the real goods to the mass of mediocre beta males than are more modest women. Thottery undermines civilization through multiple pathways, and one of those is the in-your-face sexual disenfranchisement of beta males that the camwhore lifestyle brings to the fore. Once the initial wave of beta male thirst has receded, a bone-deep feeling of disgust rises in its wake. It’s the disgust of knowing that sexually unconstrained women egged on by globalist elites are acid to the social fabric, and that these women toy with the desires of men they will never give the time to in real life.

Possibly there is some resentment, too, that hot women can easily rake in six figures doing nothing but exhibiting their half-naked bodies on social media, while men don’t have that option and must instead work a hundred times harder to make a fraction of what slattern thots have been pulling in tax-free. This is a fundamental reality of biological and psychological sex differences; women may enjoy looking at a fit male physique, but they aren’t aroused to fapping themselves sweaty staring at naked men every day. Therefore there isn’t a viable market for the male version of thots. This massive economic, social, and sexual discrepancy illuminated in bright screen light and transmitted to billions across the internet ultimately corrupts relations between the sexes with all the downstream attendant effects of that corruption, including cock carouseling, late age marriage, low fertility, single mommery, male suicide, and cat collecting.

PPS This is happening at our southern border right now. The chaimstream media is refusing to cover it. No surprise there.

The media truly are the enemy of the people, and the ally of the rootless globalists.

PPPS Marriage is dying, loneliness is becoming the norm.

A decline in marriage rates and decrease in sexual activity sounds like big news. It is not, at least to American journalists. But some women have reported it, albeit with a feminist spins. […]

The writers and most of the researchers are women. Men avoid this hot zone, which offers the potential for career death by saying something deemed sexist. The women writers speak of “people” and “teens”, but they quote almost exclusively women – and discuss (with exceptions) only women’s perspectives.

This blinkered viewpoint goes further. The women, of course, don’t consider that these trends might be caused by changes in women’s behavior. For example, the number of close relationships between men and women might have declined due to a combination of obesity, careerism (women out of the dating game), and unleashed hypergamy for the remnant who are in the game (as they seek only the top 10% or 20% of men.

Buried deep in Julian’s article, an admission by women about one reason there are fewer relationships.

“I mentioned to several of the people I interviewed for this piece that I’d met my husband in an elevator, in 2001. …I was fascinated by the extent to which this prompted other women to sigh and say that they’d just love to meet someone that way. And yet quite a few of them suggested that if a random guy started talking to them in an elevator, they would be weirded out. ‘Creeper! Get away from me,’ one woman imagined thinking. ‘Anytime we’re in silence, we look at our phones,” explained her friend, nodding.’” […]

Surveys, such as this by YouGov, show that large numbers of women consider normal introductory behavior to be sexual harassment.

Women’s behaviors — their smartphone addiction, their quickness to demonize normal male desire, and their obesity — are driving men away from them. Men aren’t innocent, of course — it takes two to tango — but right now women are doing the most to empty the dance floor.

I pulled the following quote from that article because it so concisely captures the blind spot pundits have when trying to account for the damage feminism has done to America:

“The sexual revolution, however, wanted men and women to get together bodily, while feminism wanted them to be able easily to get along separately.”
— Allan Bloom in Closing of the American Mind (1987). Feminism won.

The two devolutions — the sexual revolution and feminism — are intimately connected. Removing the traditional courtship hurdles to intimacy and making it easier for men and women to bang necessarily made it harder for them to bond. Stripping sex of its mysticism and reorienting it to something transactional had the effect of hardening (heh) men and alienating women, which ironically created hurdles to fulfilling relationships electrified by sexually appreciative and awe-struck frisson. Ease the meeting of bodies, impede the meeting of hearts. The body and the spirit aren’t separate entities. Everything flows together in a feedback loop of manifest cosmic law.

This is why the sexual revolution would always end in a deranged man-hating nth wave feminism; any ideology that defies the natural order is bound to unleash portals to hell.


A comment from jaquevaghan,

I love how it takes a secular ethnonationalistic cad blogger to spit these truths on human sexual nature.

“secular ethnonationalistic cad blogger” username available.

I’m a Christian who plays church music every Sunday, and I have not heard truths like these from the pulpit of any church I’ve ever attended in years.

That’s because the Christian churches have become gay, cucked, and womanish. Sad!

There is a reason the Christian Bible pushes marriage and proper courtship before sex so hard, and constantly reinforces the concept of gender roles. Because without these restraints on us, we devolve into the chaos you are seeing today.

Sadly, in this day and age, men in general are hogtied and silenced and can only speak out on degeneracy in women and culture from anonymity. Not even the preacher man can call out feminism these days, as his congregation is over 2/3 (7/8 if he’s in a black church) female and would crucify him for speaking harsh truths (i.e. women are supposed to be modestly dressed, or wives are to submit to their husbands, even if they don’t want to). It seems only Muslims can deal properly with their women these days.

Keep on posting. I don’t always like what you write, but you truly are doing the Lord’s work.

I am who shiv.


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