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I liked this comment from Yeager, about how the prophetic movie Idiocracy lines up with the cast of characters from the Trump Realignment Era:

Esteemed lords of the Chateau,

Idiocracy was mentioned here quite a lot lately. So I rewatched 1st time after 10 years in and would like to share my observations given the current state of affairs.

In short, Idiocracy seemed way deeper than I would have thought 10 years ago. After 2016 elections shitlibs generally did refer to Trump as direct reincarnation of a populist low IQ showman-porn superstar President Camacho. However, this time I couldn’t help but notice that Trump is actually way more Not Sure than Camacho.

Not Sure was the average-joe character played by Luke Wilson who time travels to the mystery meat future and discovers he is the only person left with an IQ above room temp.

See for yourself:

Trump is an unexpected blast from the past Heritage America
Trump comes to power after another globalist mainstream mulatto fails to deliver
Trump is breaking all existent conventions of newspeak, which drives future groupthink NPCs mad
Trump is absolutely hated by the mainstream media (‘talks like a fag’ to them due to vastly superior IQ)

But one of the most striking discoveries was the role of Brawndo fertilizer which ruins the crops by poisoning the soil. Not Sure simply tells them to switch to water, because that’s how it was done in the old times. Ring any bells?

Crops = US economy
Soil = way of life, culture, etc
Brawndo = brown globalist 3rd world workforce
Water = good old whites

Future groupthink: why use Brawndo instead of water? Cause it’s got electrolytes (diversity, etc).

Globalist economy (Brawndo) does collapse after switch to water and Not Sure catches some serious flak after that, while population is driven mad by the mainstream media hysteria, and he cheats death only by a very narrow margin. Is that what awaits us in the end?

Movie does end optimistically, country is saved for now, although another story loop is clearly visible: Not Sure marries black ex-whore from the past (IQ<90) and has 3 mulatto kids (clear quality drop), while his imbecile friend (IQ<50) from the future takes several imbecile but pretty wives and has 10+ kids spreading his low IQ on and on again.

Serious question: How can we reverse Idiocracy? I see three routes, ranging from possible to plausible:

  1. A Farewell to Alms. Recreate the environment of pre-industrial age Britain during which the upper classes had more kids than the lower classes, and over-production of upper class elites meant a long-term refreshing of the lower classes with the genes of upper class scions.
  2. Closed borders, mass deportation of illegals and their anchor families, immigration moratorium for at least two generations followed by (if desired) immigration that favors White Europeans.
  3. Economic populism which improves the wage prospects in occupations traditionally favored by men, resulting in the re-institution of the provider beta male as the fulcrum of national greatness.

If Trump is smart, he’ll refocus on fulfilling his campaign pledges during the second half of his first term. In practice, this would mean a deliberate effort to put #2 and #3 into policy. If the shitlib judges get in the way, send in the marshals.


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