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From reader WHITE MALE,

OT, besides helping me make more white kids:

The term of art is BUNZ => OVEN.

What does it mean if a girl disqualifies you to herself, e.g. “I would never date a guy who again?” She is otherwise very obviously into me (I have not fucked her and am not going to; we’re both Christian).

Christians make looooooooove.

(also, the syntax of the quoted part of your sentence is garbled, but we get the gist of it)

I ignored it when she said it and it sounds like meaningless blather to me/wanting to slow down, maybe, but please help me out here. What do I say if she brings it up again?

Please consult the “Deflating the Riotously Judgmental Girl” post for the answers you seek:

I have a go-to line that I’m ready to share with you. It’s multipurpose, effective at deflating any [Crisis and Observation Girl], no matter how bitchy. A warning: say it with a nonchalant smirk. Not anger. A hint of anger will cause the line to backfire.

GIRL: You’re too [X].

TRUMP’S RECENTLY HIRED PERSONAL ASSISTANT: I didn’t ask for your approval.

A variation on the line, if it suits you: “I don’t remember asking for your approval/opinion.”

The thematic element, not the precise wording, in the above reply is what’s important; in your case, WHITE MALE, I would reply,

GIRL: I would never date a guy who [X].

Beelzebub’s Tower Of Boner: Phew!

Wipe the back of your hand across your brow for added effect.

Another variation on the same theme:

GIRL: You’re weird.


The lesson is to avoid a desperate defense of your besmirched honor. Anything that smacks of defensiveness is sure to scatter tingles to the four winds. DO NOT TOOL YOURSELF. That means, NEVER reply to a girl’s shit test by insisting you “aren’t that kind of guy” or “I’m not like that all the time”, etc. If you’ve abased yourself to basically pleading for her approval, you’ve lost the mojo.

You may Assume the Sale. You may Agree&Amplify. But you may not immolate your dignity on the pyre of beta thirst.

Keep those magic words always in mind: Zero. Fucks. Given. And the pussy melt.


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