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Ukraine Is Wench

A reader had passed along a quick story about his time with a Ukrainian chick, and it was too funny to keep buried in the Chateau vault.

This is a Ukrainian girl who had a notch count of 1 when she left Kiev and she stayed in San Francisco over the summer and fucked 13 different guys and sexted dozens more. The American culture turned her into a mega slut. I found this on her profile page, and I don’t know if this was done intentionally, but it clearly shows she likes to ride the cock carousel!

Would maul.

Reminds me of another mega slut

Best thing about this pic is the cougar in the back chasing after the escaping cock.

What the reader says about American culture corrupting foreign foxes is true. Something happens to these lithe ludmilas once they land on US soil that immediately weaponizes their hypergamy and turns them from tradwives in flower necklaces flouncing through spring meadows into thots with a taste for anal play.

It could be a selection effect: foreign femmes who leave their family behind for a few extra shekels are the kind to be ruthlessly pragmatic about cock-laddering their way to an American alpha male who will pay for their leopard-print lifestyle. Plus, once these girls are out from under the patriarchal oversight of their steely-eyed native men, they go crazy exploiting the naive soyium in America.

And maybe we have to concede that American culture is rotten, and corrupt, and dismally dehumanizing, capable of pushing psychologically fragile but still relatively chaste foreign girls to the slut side.


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