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[T]he killing of the male lion by the mother of his cubs at the Indianapolis Zoo on Monday, Oct. 15, has him perplexed.

“The attack that occurred took everyone by surprise; it surprised me,” he said. “I’ve never heard of a female attacking a male.”

He said there have been observations of groups of females attacking strange males if they are seen as a threat, but the females generally just wound and chase away the males, not kill them.

“Extreme aggression of females to males is definitely unique,” he said.

The incident occurred before the zoo opened to the public, when zoo workers saw lioness Zuri acting aggressive to 10-year old Nyack. They attempted to separate the pair, but Zuri held Nyack down by the neck until he suffocated to death. […]

Packer said Indianapolis Zoo President Rob Shumaker called him to discuss the incident, and he was told that Zuri was almost the same size as Nyack. Packer thinks it might have happened because she was domineering over him, and called this an “odd combination” because lionesses are generally submissive to male lions.

“If it’s a question of who feeds from a carcass first, the female is annoyed with the male, but she has to defer,” Packer said.

The way that Zuri killed Nyack was also quite vicious, according to Packer.

“That’s the way they kill their prey,” he said. “The fact that it’s such a lethal thing, right at this throat, again that’s surprising. When (lions) usually go after each other, they are happy to just wound each other.”

“All of these animals are unpredictable moment to moment,” he said. “The main lesson here is…that it’s something that can happen. If you have that combination of an aggressive female and submissive male, it might not be the ideal configuration.”

Inverted sexual polarity for the loss.

From the commenter who passed along this story,

All females, at least all mammalian females, despise weak males and will even kill them.

There’s a lesson there as it regards our hysterical, nation-wrecking single White women.

Women despise the gimp hand.

Women crave the pimp hand.

If women have only gimp hands to caress them, they will revolt, either directly through confrontation and attack, or indirectly by welcoming pimp hands from afar to come invade their undefended homeland and cast the gimp hands to the icy wastelands.


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