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Is there no greater ingrate than the White Woman? You give her the world, and she agitates for your extermination. There’s a Game lesson there.

ps totally OT, but I had to pass along a pretty good defense of tipping, from a commenter who wrote that in a multiracial dystopia like Post-America tipping serves the purpose of allowing White patrons to distinguish themselves from black patrons (who are known to be allergic to tipping).

pps from PA,

How much of it is alpha-baiting — as in, they want the tall blond Chads from an 80s jocks vs nerds movie to take ’em away?

No woman dreams of a hippie ravaging her, as goes the saying. Also no woman dreams of being leered-at by beaners, raped by a black ape, or beaten by a filthy brown muzzie.

If my theory that Western White men are becoming more beta is true, then alpha male baiting would make perfect sense from the woman’s perspective. The aggrocunt man-hate could be viewed as an intimidation tactic to cow the hordes of sniveling betas, and as an incitement to action directed at the alpha males who won’t put up with her shit (and happily rescuing her vagina from a parched desert of Zero Dark Tingle).

ppps tangentially on-topic: FeedBuzz unwittingly exposes the benefits of living in a high trust White Nordic nation. Number 12 could not exist outside of a Northern White nation. All those comforts would be swiped in under fifteen minutes.

Newspeak nails it,

It’s amazing that Aryan Nation Taint Licking is still a hobby of the denialist left. I suppose they get around it by mistaking socialism as the cause rather than the effect, enabling them to perceive the pleasant sensate reality of white civilization without triggering their ideological cogdis.

pppps “White girl learns to virtue signal”, oil on canvas:

From key,

There are no bad demon dogs, only bad owners.

ppppps the essence of cuckservatism:

There really should be more Planet of the Apes memes. An untapped resource.

pms Faceborg NPCs blurred the presidential Seal on Trump videos. In the bottom left pic, they went full petty dorkwad and airbrushed out the Seal entirely. (h/t BigGayKoranBurning Steve)

Related, lizardface cuckersperg was apparently triggered so hard by candidate Trump’s call for a ban on moslem immigration that he cried in the arms of sheryl sandberg and asked if Trump violated Facecock’s TOS. The Visitor wanted to ban Trump’s account.


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