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The Envy Of Angels

I pity blonde blue-eyed co@lburners. And pity is a form of contempt.

Thousands of years of evolution graced White women with a palette of natural hues that are the envy of the angels, and these short-sighted, spiteful bitches throw it away on a r@cemixing vendetta against daddy, destroying a long lineage forged by blood and tribulation in a single act of grotesque conception.

A glass half-full reader,

At the same time, natural selection is working. The weak leave us.

This argument doesn’t resonate like it used to for me. How many weak members can we afford to lose? The supply of the Weak is increasing while the White population as a fraction of the world total is decreasing.

At current trends, when the Weak leave us there won’t be enough left to thwart subsumption into the Uni-hued Horde.

The envy of angels will be the lament of angels.


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