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Progressivism is anything but. “Joyce” (Twatter handle) writes that a better term for the ideology is Regressivism.

It doesn’t take much observation to reach the conclusion that Progressives are in fact Regressives. In all political affairs they regress to the sexual, to the emotional, to the petulant, to the jealous instincts that dominate their remarkably narrow personalities.

— Joyce (@TOOAJoyce) November 14, 2018

Regressivism is weaponized infantilism. It’s like giving a tantrum-throwing toddler access to the levers of social and political power. Nothing but lunacy and sadism will follow.

More from Joyce:

Amazing it’s escaped the attention of most Whites, but any reasonably intelligent observer should see that multiculturalism is all about making White people give up their countries, then their stuff, and finally their lives. We aren’t “multicultural enough” until we’re all dead.

— Joyce (@TOOAJoyce) November 14, 2018

Virtue perishing.

Another Reframe, on women and the Pill:

Imagine placing your entire sense of human agency on a pill. How terrified of responsibility are postmodern women? https://t.co/0DW25SLQVn

— Joyce (@TOOAJoyce) November 13, 2018

Contra the ACLU, the Pill did none of those things. What it DID do was enable women to fuck around indiscriminately while pursuing a useless paper pushing career and putting off marriage and childbirth until it was too late and then bitching and moaning about “the patriarchy” in online femcunt ghettoes.

The Pill was really nothing more than a means for women to ignore beta males during their prime vagina years, which meant it was nothing less than a cataclysmic rupture of the sexual market with evolutionary consequences we are only just beginning to understand.

ps a history of the Alt-Right.


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