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A few hours ago BitChute received a notice that our PayPal account has been permanently limited, with immediate effect, and that we will no longer be able to accept or send payments.

Up until today PayPal had been our main source of revenue.

From commenters,

We need to seriously do something about this. PayPal stops payment and seeks to censor anyone that’s a threat to the establishment. Bitchute threatens YouTube, stop payment. Gab threatens Twitter, stop payment. Free speech threatens globalism, stop payment.


We are being shoved out of the market. There will be no other options to partake within the market. We have to create our own, there is no other way… other than them repenting. [fat chance] I am wholly dependent on paypal to pay my stock deliverers for repairs.. other options immediately drive the prices up 8 fold.


Lots of alternative payment processors.
But the underlying problem is that if alternative payment processors allow payments to dissident sites that are on the list, then MasterCard/ Visa will threaten to cut them off/ shut them down.


When is someone with Center to Right convictions going to open a Bank, Credit card, or online payment process, they would capture 50% of the market in one week!

Paging Palmer Luckey

Paypal’s CEO Dan Schulman – fan of the LGBT movement – one of the Silicon Valley heavy players – he’s right in the wank circle. I’m getting fed up with watching this, when will POTUS step in and disband big-tech?


(((red diaper baby)))

Schulman once told The NYT, “I was born with social activism in my DNA. My grandfather was a union organizer in the garment district in New York City. My mother took me to a civil rights demonstration in Washington in my stroller.”


Liberals don’t need to be elected to office 2 put the squeeze on us, they get thier monopolies to censor us, time to switch services to an up-and-comer


Politics is downstream from culture. The reason politicians get away with so much crap is because we don’t have a cultural consensus that this crap is wrong.

BINGO. Diversity + Proximity = Nonconsensual Culture

Sue Paypal for harm to your business, a tort.

Conservatives had better get acquainted with retaliatory lawfare, because leftoids have been battering them with it for decades.

They can’t beat the competition so they’re doing everything to shut them down (same as Gab). They know they can’t debate the ideas (and win)…so they need to shut everyone down.
You can bet that social media platforms will be regulated soon enough.


Shouldn’t PayPal be under banking rules? They do nearly everything a bank does. You can save money there, withdraw money, deposit money, transfer money, they even issue credit cards. Sounds like a bank to me and it sounds like a bank denying service based on a client’s political views.


But PayPal still processes payments for the domestic terrorism organization known as Antifa…

Oh and ISIS too…


Money in, money out should be anonymous to paypal. Why they would treat a particular vendor different from any other is insane. Its an exchange service built to process dollars not political ideology. What kind of business works against their own model? This really should have serious legal and Federal law investigations against paypal. Something is wrong here.

What kind of business works against their own model? The kind of (((business))) that prefers mind control over profit.

PayPal are scumbags.

All that needs to be said.

“Stop Payment” is the gun that leftoids shoot before they reach for real guns.

Reminder: This is a shitlib gun:

PS Here is a list of money transfer service alternatives to GayPal.


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