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Criminalizing Pranksters

This to me looks like boys having fun pranking their uptight stuffy elders:

I spot a couple of asian supremacists in there.

Pranksterism is a lost art that’s regaining a toehold in Post-America with the maturation of Generation Zyklon. It’s a beautiful thing to take in, like a breath of fresh country air.

Naturally, the [special people], Fuggernaut mob, SJW rejects, Twatter blueticks, social media schoolmarms, and catlady hall monitors who constitute the leftoid equalism hivemind want to destroy these boys’ lives forever, by criminalizing their prank and branding them with a Scarlet N, so that they will be blacklisted at every college* and potential employer, where kkkommissars have instant online access to everything anyone’s ever said or done going back to infancy.

Ingsoc will NOT be mocked.

I can’t think of a surer way to birth an army of vengeful adult shitlords than to crush the hopes and dreams of every fledgling young shitlord for the mortal sin of partaking in a funny prank, so keep at it [special people]. The hate, on both sides, will soon grow beyond your ability to control.

PS The guy in the back row, right, is

a. giving the white power ok sign out of sight

b. smugly gay

c. shitting his nerdo pants

d. angling for media fame and a guest column with either Huffington Post or National Review.





welp, we have our answer:

“these classmates have bullied me since entering middle school…”

looks like (b) and (d). a smugly gay “resister” angling for a Puffed Ho column.

You know what that posed class photo looks like to me?

Welcome Back, Cheeky America!


From Cornelius Rye,

Now watch as a seemingly-unconnected group of plucky and courageous underdog journalists dedicate the next 6 months of their lives to doxing and destroying each and every one of these boys. So brave!

Stop it, my righteous hate can only take so much engorgement.

*Aaaaaaand, right on cue these young men are being embargoed from colleges.


It’s one of the precious blessings of living in a freeman’s nation that no group is protected from mockery. And the most mockable group is the one that thinks itself untouchable.


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