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From Sean Davis,

Prior to Tuesday’s election, Ds held 55 of the richest 100 US House districts (median household income, 2017) and Rs held 45. After the election, Ds will hold 73 and Rs will hold 20, with 7 seats yet to be decided.

The richest House districts (median household income, 2017) in *10* states flipped from R to D this election: CO-6; GA-6; IL-6; IA-3; KS-3; MI-11; MN-3; NJ-7; PA-7; SC-1. UT-4 is likely to join, making 11. The rich turn ever more to the Democrats.

Who are “the rich”?

White “new economy” liberals
Suburban soccer moms

Wealth has moved from manufacturing to finance, tech, media, and entertainment. Wealth has therefore moved from White Christian men to White HR catladies and nonWhites.

The Dems are becoming the party of the rich because the rich are becoming the demography of the market dominant minority and virtue signaling White women who live in gated communities far away from Diversity™.

America is bifurcating along multiple axes:

Whites from nonWhites.
Rich from middle and working classes.
Rural from urban.
White women from White men.

The splits are accelerating, worsening, deepening.

This isn’t going to end well.

Diversity + Proximity = War.

You only had to listen to me.


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