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Height Queens

A comment from farmlegend about short women and tall men,

Carve it into the granite, put the tablet in Moses’ hands, and behold the burning bush – the biggest height queens of all are very attractive, very short women.

Seen it over and over and over again my friends.

IME, short dudes, like me, do better with women of average height.

Yep, I’ve observed this too. Little spinners gyroscopically gravitate towards much taller men.

I’ve written about Short Man Game (including addressing an older farmlegend comment on the topic), and the executive summary is that short men generally should target women shorter than themselves, but not to rule out very tall women. The latter will not infrequently hook up with shorter men for a similar reason that very short women prefer very tall men: biological balance of any potential sprog.

Tall men do have it easier in the sense that they don’t (typically) have to worry about target acquisition based on female height, but short men can get around this snare by learning to identify which very tall women might be open to dating a shorter man, and otherwise sticking with women who are shorter than themselves.

But the very short pixies could prove intransigent to the short man’s long game. My theory is that there is a subconscious urge in very short women to mate with very tall men so that their issue inherits a height from the fat part of the bell tower curve. Average- or slightly below average-height women don’t have this concern percolating through their limbic labia, so they will be less closed off to dating a same-height or shorter man.

Likewise, very tall women may have a subconscious urge to mate with men shorter than themselves, on the 50/50 chance that they have a daughter together who will inherit a less SMV-handicapping average height.


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