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Gab Update

Gab is still down. Despotic shitlibs rejoice over the crushing of another platform for political dissidents.

Maybe they shouldn’t rejoice too much. From Z-Man,

From what I understand, Gab will be down until the weekend. They expect to be up by Friday, or thereabouts. They have a host and they are transferring their domain. These things don’t happen overnight.

This is probably a good thing for a number of reasons. The most obvious being that the media has been unable to mine the site for material. You just know that lunatics like Patrick Little were salivating at the opportunity to get attention for their crazy rants. Now any mention of Gab leads the curious to a page explaining that the tech oligarchs shut down the site. I suspect that’s why the media crazies are strangely quiet about Gab now.

By the end of this week, the media will be fixated on the Brown Wave they are trying to wish into reality. The gaslighting will be so intense some of them may burst into flames. Even the Antifa members working at the Daily Beast and Estrogen Post will be too busy to notice Gab is back.

That said, Torba needs to think about how to police lunatics like Little, who are just attention seeking wackos. The normal self-policing tools don’t work with these guys. My suggestion is that he create a penalty box for those who come to his attention. They are on mute for everyone but those who choose to follow them. This would work for the Antifa people who go on gab trying to create trouble.

Yeah, this sort of policing violates the ideal of free speech, but he has a business to run too. No one is going to fault him for a minor hypocrisy like this.

In the Reign of the Censor, these sorts of free speech compromises are inevitable if a website dedicated to free speech wants to have a platform at all. As (temporary) compromises go, this idea by Z Man isn’t bad. The truly deranged (and tbh I have seen vanishingly few truly deranged posters on Gab, and the few I have come across I sensibly muted and stopped thinking about) are limited in their scope to harass people uninterested in reading them, yet a communications conduit is kept open so that the deranged can still interact with anyone who does want to read their genteel philosophical musings.

I say this is a temporary compromise, because once we Heritage Americans regain control of the communications gateways, there won’t be a need to try and sidestep tyrannical censors always looking to SHUT US DOWN.


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