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Why is Hollywood going berserk about Trump and his supporters? One theory I have: Trumpism and the culture of realtalk that have surrounded his rise to (even more) power have thrown into stark relief just how freaking emasculated so many Hollywood actors are, and how slutty the actresses are. This is “howls from the shivved id” stuff on display.

Heather points out that Hollywood is reacting to its loss of allure (i.e., loss of SMV):

Hollywood has gone insane because deep down they know, the mystery is gone. We’ve seen behind the curtain, and nothing is ever going to be the same. Americans can’t escape reality for the price of a ticket anymore, because they allowed real life come in & it killed the fantasy. They have no one to blame but themselves.

This is it, on a hindbrain level. The mystery, the glamour…it’s gone. These celebs will never awe anyone again. We see them for what they are — dumb, entitled, mentally weak leftist conformists who take Weinstein cum to the face and throw pedo pool parties. This kills them inside, and they blame Trump. MeToo revealed their degeneracy and depravity (from both sexes), and they lash out at the world, finding in Trump a locus for their impotent butthurt rage.

It doesn’t help that Trump is “one of them” who managed to earn the REAL power they so desperately envision belongs to them.

Couldn’t happen to a viler bunch of people.

Do you think there is a chance for the actors that didn’t get political & who stayed on that higher ethereal plane where the public can project their own dreams/desires on to them, can come out ahead if they adapt early to a new medium?

Closet cons can manage that old school fame allure because they have to hide their politics to work. Celebs have allowed their egos to get too big and now think the public wants to hear them yammering about politics. Actors who stay circumspect about their off-camera opinions will be positioned in this highly volatile and caustic pre-civil war 2 environment to recapture the public’s imagination.


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