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Princess Privilege

This is an unsettling but all-too-real personal anecdote from Anonymous about how utterly self-entitled and, quite frankly, UNHINGED American women have become.

Oh, this is real. Your average modern woman is effectively a prostitute who dashes with your cash before delivering the gash.

A number of years ago, a good friend’s wife quit her six figure lawyercunt job to go learn Graphic Design. My friend, bless his heart, supported this both emotionally and financially as they dropped to just his income and she racked up $40k in tuition expenses over 2 years.

She graduates and now needs a job. Problem is, she’s terrible at design so no one will hire you.

At the time, I was building a startup and needed some branding. My friend asks if I could let her bid on the project, so as a favor, I throw her a bone. “I need a concept for branding and logo, get me some ideas and a proposal in the next month and if I like it, I’ll hire you.”

She’s on it, or so she says.

Three weeks in I inquire as to how it’s going as I haven’t heard a peep. “Working hard, it’s looking great!” She replies. I tell her I am looking forward to seeing the concepts and proposal next week and can we pin down a date to meet. I get no reply to this last one but whatever, it’s not a priority an this is favor after all.

The next week passes and then another and I make an inquiry. “Almost done! You’re gonna love it!” She says.

Three more weeks pass and my inquiries about the project go unanswered…

At this point, I need this done so I end up contacting a designer I’d worked with before and a week later we’ve got a contract for him to do the job.

Startup launches and I get a call from my friend’s wife, “What the fuck?!?!? You told me that was my job??”

I said that I was sorry I didn’t let her know earlier that I’d picked someone else but things are busy and she missed the deadline by a country mile and wasn’t responding so I had to pick someone else who could execute on time.

“But I worked so hard on this! It’s all ready to show you! I’ve put in 80 hours on this project, so you owe me!” She replied.

However, since she’s my friend’s wife, how about I take she and her husband out for dinner to say thanks for trying.

“No way! I did this whole project as you asked. We had an agreement and I’m not letting you back out on it.”

I remind her that our “agreement” was that she would produce a proposal and concept for my approval and that if she chose to do a bunch of work I hadn’t approved nor agreed to, that this was going to be a very unfortunate lesson for her as without a contract or approval she was not even due a kill fee.

As I am on the phone with her, I receive an email from her with the “work.” Attached are a single page of childish sketches in black and white with what appears to be a branding proposal template on work to be done along with an invoice for 80 hours at $350 per.

I laugh.

“I’m serious! You HAVE to pay me!” She’s now apoplectic.

Actually, I tell her, I don’t. We don’t even have a verbal agreement for any of this. You missed the deadline for submission and you’ve done a bunch of work without getting client approval or any sort of contract so I don’t owe you anything. What you have sent me is not a finished product, it’s barely a proposal.

“Then I’ll sue!”

I mention that she certainly can but she would lose, badly and end up owing me legal fees. I tell her that I am not interested in continuing the conversation and say goodbye.

A few weeks later I get a text from my friend who is married to the shrew. Evidently we can’t be friends anymore. I tell him that I understand and wish him well with all that.

What post-modern feminism has wrought is not equality, but the demand to enshrine princess privilege in law.

Fortunate, friend saw the light and bailed on that marriage, I’m proud of that lad even if it took him long enough.

Women are miserable because their in-group think tells them to strive for the opposite of what their limbic system wants, which is a firm hand and a man who is not afraid to walk away from the table. Anyone who tells you different is trying to sell you something.

Be strong.

There is no “White Privilege”; there is, however, Princess Privilege, alive and fully operative, dragging Western Civ into the abyss with it.


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