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The Prickly Mick

An emailer says the Scorched Earth Party underestimated Kavanaugh’s fightin’ Irish vigor.

The fucktards made a mistake with this guy.

They are too stupid to understand that not all white people are the same.

Kavanaugh is a Mick. We are three-four generations away from fighting on the street corner in slums. The Irish have succeeded in the USA, thanks to being smart and being under the whip hand of priests and nuns who made them work, and clawing their way into the middle class by taking over local government, taxing and intimidating their enemies to ruination, and giving themselves jobs. In the process of rising to the top of the heap, they have adopted a lot of WASPy demeanor, and sometimes out-WASP the WASPs in terms of traditional clothing or other surface features. But they are not North Sea Anglo-Teutons. They were not domesticated by manorialism and centuries of culling by hanging for any antisocial crime. The Irish are outer-Hajnal, like the Slavs on the other side of the Continent. They still have the genetic impetus to violent and antisocial behavior beyond what their palor might suggest to those unfamiliar with them. Fuck with them hard enough, and even the highly civilized ones will throw a punch and they will fight. At a high enough level of provocation, even a capital partner at a law firm, or a physician, or a banker, or even a Federal Judge, who has money and prestige and status and a lot to lose, if he’s Irish, may just come at you with his fists. Offend their pride and you will get to a point where they don’t give a shit anymore. The line is there. Then look out.

Kavanaugh is a fighter. They pushed him to the wall. They degraded him, his career, his achievements, his wife, his children.

They expected him to crumble.

They found his breaking point.

He came back swinging.

Good times.

The Prickly Mick is taking his place as a front line soldier in Trump’s MAGA army. Other White men from different White ethnic backgrounds will follow suit. This fight is only just begun. The Degenerate Freak Mafia ought to be very, very scared. They have grown soft from dealing with a cucked foe who rolled over and showed underbelly at the slightest threat. These leftoids have no idea what is about to righteously rain down on their Anti-White parade.

It won’t be White Nationalism. It will be White Man Nationalism.


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