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A fantastic insider’s view of the Poz Industrial Complex formerly known as the public school system, from commenter Mr. Barry Steakfries,

I’m a High School teacher. Went to education school recently to get a teaching cert. The indoctrination was off-the-chain bonkers. They taught the genderbread person thing, then someone realized it was made by a cis white guy (just being gay doesn’t cut it these days). Hilarity ensued. This email was sent by the faculty to the whole cohort. This is a Masters in Teaching program at a flagship state school.


Hi everyone,

Thanks for a thoughtful first gender caucusing session this past Tuesday. It was great to see you all again!

After our session, it was brought to our attention that the Genderbread Person image we shared with you is problematic. We learned that the Genderbread Person image was more or less appropriated by a straight, cis White man from similar images created by members of the transgender community, such as the Gender Unicorn (we looked at this in [***]’s class),

which was created by Trans Student Educational Resources. Also, as we looked closer we saw that, while the Genderbread Person includes two axes each for gender identity, gender expression, sex, sexuality, and so on, and thereby basically reproduces these identities as binaries, the Gender Unicorn includes a third/other category for each.

For these reasons, when we meet for our next caucusing session (this coming Thursday for M****’s section, and next Tuesday for T****’s section), we will be using the Gender Unicorn to guide our discussion, rather than (as planned) the Genderbread Person. You do not need to print a copy of the Gender Unicorn yourself, but do please look carefully at it, and (as originally assigned) think about how you identify along each of the identity axes it includes. We will use these reflections as the basis for our discussions in caucusing.

We apologize for not having investigated more carefully before selecting this image. We made a mistake, and we really regret any harm we might have caused. Our aim now is to model holding ourselves accountable and publicly owning our oversight, as we hope you will do with your students if you ever find yourself in a similar situation!


All the best,
L***** (and the caucusing planning team)


PS got into your blog when I was single like a decade ago for the game tips. Sent me off in a whole other ideological direction; I’m sure I’m not the only one. Thanks for what you do.

PPS Link to the Better, Woker, Gender Unicorn.

Nuke the bluehair catladies, and scatter their ashes to the winds, it’s the only way to be cleansed.

PS LMAO that even the most sniveling shitlib heterosexual White male can’t win Pozemon points with the degenerates he’s eager to suck up to.

PPS Homeschool if you have kids. Total avoidance of the public school system is the only alternative. Reforming it from the inside won’t happen in time to save this generation from malicious inculcation of pozpaganda.


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