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Shitlibs should come with the automatic “disingenuous” qualifier, because they are phonies through and through. Case in point: I was amazed (but shouldn’t have been) that shitlibs thought Christine Ballcutter-Framejob was “credible”. To my eyes (and ears), she was nothing of the sort. Kavanaugh’s authentic unguarded emotion stood in stark contrast to Ford’s scripted artifice, and made him seem the much more credible of the two.

Are shitlibs lying to themselves and everyone else about their inability to read human emotions, or are they getting stupider and more psychotic from decades being insulated in their UMC shitbubbles?

I’m glad to know that I wasn’t the only one to notice that Bitch-Fishwife was an oddly emotionless drone. From emailer Brown Berry,

Like many, I’ve been following the confirmation hearing of BK (mostly on youtube). I was interested enough to even listen to the complete testimonies of BK and CBF while I worked last week. I also watched quite a lot of commentary including the body language examination you’ve sited.

From all this, I had some hunches about what might be true vs. what might be utter bullshit, but frankly I didn’t have enough data points to be at all certain about anything substantial.

So I decided to get some more…I re-watched (actually watched, carefully) their testimonies in full. I was interested especially in what would trigger emotional responses. To my delight, the video showed plenty more than what’s been reported on and more that what the audio I previously heard conveys. I wonder if you see the same as I…


She showed absolutely zero emotion, none, in her prepared statement and throughout a majority of the questioning. It’s very strange because many people I talk to say how emotional she was, how she was crying, etc. I saw no such emotion. Even quite the opposite – she was working very hard at something beyond her abilities. Excepting for a few moments of trying to “cute” herself to Senators and some moments where she felt relief or familiarity and cracked a smile, she was ice cold.

Even when the Senators acknowledged that she is doing her “civic duty” (her own words!) her body doesn’t agree/vibe with that at all. I don’t think she even nodded in the slightest at the saying of the words “civic duty,” ever. Only when they spoke about her being a “hero” did she, for the first time, show emotion, and it really poured out every time they praised her as a hero, watch for it. [ed: classic pathological narcissist tell.]

Does she see herself (have they convinced her) that she is an anti-trump messiah? Inside, she tells herself that she’s inferior to BK, that her husband is inferior to BK, that her kids are inferior to BK’s kids, and that her party is a loser party. What’s even worse is that martyring oneself for that loser party gets you nowhere. Watch KH and CB dismissively thank her for “telling the truth” as she leaves the room. She’s a nobody to them.

When they held her up as “heroic” all the dissonance, her desires, the pressure to please all her omega friends, her marital problems, makes her explode. She believes she’s a loser, but they tell her she’s a hero, but she’s still actually a loser, in life and in the party. That’s a shitty ride to be on.


BK shows emotion when people insinuate that he’s not a good man. He probably beats himself up inside over every sin he’s ever committed and tries in earnest to be a better man every day of his life. He probably wants his father to be proud of him. He cries when the Senators amplify his “inner critic” (conscience) and simultaneously devalue all the hard work he’s put into being a good, ever-better, man. This is a big simultaneous shit on his father and family name. Everyone has a button and BK’s is his family. If he had taken some darker paths in life (like maybe rape-fucked and roughed up a few girls, even consensual, or stole from the collection plate, etc.) then I reckon he wouldn’t be offended at all and would have sat there with perfect manners…

The whole “CBF was credible” talking point has been gaslighting by an enemy media. She wasn’t credible; she was robotic. Coldly sociopathic. Coached by her (((handlers))).

Most pleb-libs swallowed that line whole (it’s what natural conformist suckups do), but I suspect the shitlib power movers in the media and government felt the same cold sociopathy radiating from CBF that I and other sane people felt, but all must be sacrificed — including their integrity — to prop up a faltering Anti-White Man Blood Libel. Who knows, maybe the Dems identified with CBF’s sociopathy.

Does a nation becoming stupider also become less adept at reading faces, tones of voice, and other cues of genuine feeling? I think so. Which will mean these clown shows aren’t ending anytime soon. They’ll get worse, and the dwindling contingent of sane White men will think themselves crazy for being out of step with the growing number of easily gulled Narrative regurgitators.


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