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The Catlady Apocalypse

This is the thing, stationed in Maxine Waters’ (D-75IQ) office, which doxxed Republican Senators following the Kavanaugh show trial:

The staffer from Maxine Waters’ office, Kathleen Sengstock, who doxxed the Senetors.

Just look at that ssri stare pic.twitter.com/fX58zMtUDq

— chef (@yourboychef) September 30, 2018

Man, woman, mustache? Who can tell.

Is it the SSRI stare or the Thousand Clit Stare? It looks like a face manifesting symptoms of the final stages of acute toxoplasma gondii infection.

We are ruled by J___, f___, and catladies, and sometimes all three in one package.

PS This creature has the rare “double Sanpaku eyes”, which is when the whites of both the upper and lower eye show. A double sanpaku indicates an addictive personality coupled with sociopathic tendencies. Say, an SSRI abuser who wants you, your family, and your nation dead and she’ll laugh about it with her 72 cats.


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