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Things That Make You Go Eww

Why are so many sex assault accusers ugly women? Noel ponders,

Is it just me, or are the three accused — even if you give them the benefit of the doubt and engage in romantic reverie — homely beyond belief? Brett in his yearbook pic clearly looks the Chad and would even without game have pulled a least one to two points higher than these accusers. At least accusers one and three (are there pics out there of accuser 2?). Accuser one, for sure, given the unflattering black and white photo of her as a teenager. Shudder. I speculate here but there is a whiff of ‘I envy the Stacy; because I can’t have the Chad I will instead destroy him.

The answer to your question is simple, and partly answered by yourself: these homely women have to create a fantasy world of rapist White Chads preying on their virginal innocence to feel at all desirable. The men may ignore them, but the world won’t, and all the YOU MUST BELIEVE Grievance Unit supportiveness is the next best thing to affirming their desirability as irresistible women who provoke alpha males to sexual assault. After that, it’s just garden variety resentment, spite, and envy coming together in a stew of toxic feministery to crush an innocent Chad in the eyes of his much prettier wife and his children.

Just a helpful reminder that leftoids are evil to the bone.


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