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When a relationship has become so toxic that you can’t stand to be around each other and are dreaming of being with someone else, it’s past time for a breakup. Don’t bother salvaging it for the small benefit of a few extra bangs and the continuity of your shared social circle, because you’ll pay more for it with your sanity and well-being in the long run.

That’s where I am with America now. I no longer want to share a country with the dumbfuck lunatics who believe a lying psychoyenta like swetnick and wave their rage against everything I hold dear, in my face, every day, all day long.

Break it up. America is overdue for a separation. Do it. It can be amicable now, or ugly later. But the breakup is coming either way.


Reminder this is the Cantina of Emotional Cripples I want to be unshackled from:

Post-Clownworld State-Mandated Mental Institution Holding Cell (Colorized)

— McFeels (@JMcfeels) September 26, 2018


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