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Game In The PoundMeToo Era

This is a new series, because let’s face it, we’re in a new era of female man-hating hysteria and media-amplified sex panic. Game isn’t just a helpful seduction system for getting laid; Game has become a life-saving necessity to protect oneself against mendacious psychocunts.

First installment: Preemptive Disqualification Game.

Girl: “Are you hitting on me?”

Lucifer’s Light Saber: “No thanks, I don’t want to be MeToo’ed.”

This should wrest a wry smile from a normal girl, and a scowl from a psychocunt. Now you can screen out the psychos. Doubleplusgoodness: It sets up a challenge that no woman can resist, marks you out as a Quenched Alpha, and seeds the conversation with endless flirtatious possibilities.

Girl: “what makes you think i would MeToo you?”

LLS: “I dunno, you just have that look in your face.”


Girl: “do girls normally MeToo you?”

LLS: “Only if I forget to call back.”


Girl: “what are you scared of?”

LLS: “ruining your reputation”


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