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Via Lovekraft, one of the most grimly humorous news stories I’ve read recently: GoodWhite hotel guests get an up-close and personal education in the reality of living proximately with foreign rapefugees.

you guys are gonna love this one I found on reddit. Toronto hotel reviews by guests who didn’t know it was turned into a refugee camp.


Here’s a gem:

“I will start with the worst thing that happened, we were on a packed elevator shoulder to shoulder with people. There were two mid teen residents of the hotel there. They were constantly staring at my 7 year old daughter and her friend who was 6. They looked them up and down and then turned to each other and said something. They then turned to my daughter and said you look very good, very pretty girl here (oh did I mention she was in her bathing suit). Completely unacceptable conduct. Encounters like these continued to the point I kept the girls in the room.”

Toronto is Shitlib North, so you can assume most of these red pilled reviews are written by SWPL shitlibs who hate Trump and love Truvada. Their cogdis must be, in a word, delicious. More:

Less than a 3rd world hotel.

It was full of refugees their children playing in the lobby , unattended.., skateboarding.in the lobby…staff did not seem to care….The kids playing on the elevator, pushing all the buttons…the lobby was very dirty..especially in front of the elevators….The drive way was partially broken up , with half gravel..half pavement…I was afraid for the safety of my car , as there was several refugees sitting on the curb watching us arrive…then staring at us… the wife was nervous…The staff should have told us that it was a refugee camp….. the ownership show no interest in upkeep..SAD…


Hotel was hot. Air conditioning was blowing loud but not cold. The hotel seems like its falling apart. I ask the front desk to look at the A/C no one came to fix it. The alarm clock wasnt working. I didnt pay to stay at a refugee center.


Had I known I’d be paying over $200 a night to stay in a refugee camp I may have stayed elsewhere. Crying kids, broken elevators, everything was dirty. I feel sorry for the staff that have to work there. Our tax dollars are being spent to house these refugees in hotels. They seemed so ungrateful and walked around like they owned the place with no courtesy for paying guests. Are these the future doctors and engineers our PM told us about or future welfare recipients? This is a textbook case of “import the third world, become the third world”, because this hotel has gone downhill so fast since my last stay.


Absolutely disgusting at this hotel. They are housing refugees and it was a mad house with kids running wild in the lobby and no respect for other people trying to use the elevators. My family were book to stay for 2 nights and left a night ealry due to the condition and atmosphere in the hotel


I have stayed at this hotel off and on, for over 16 years. It used to be a great hotel. All that has changed since it has become a refugee holding center. I’m sorry but it’s dirty, loud the AC barely works. There are kids running the hallways, messing with elevators. People are actually living in this hotel, one employee some people have lived there for over one year. This is NOT a place to stay for a business traveler or anyone else for that matter. Go elsewhere.


My cousin booked this hotel after reading and seeing great reviews. We were so excited to stay here and couldn’t wait. However let me just say don’t do it. When we arrived we pull up and outside there’s a bunch of people playing soccer in the parking lot. We almost hit some guy as he runs in front of the car and start yelling at us. We felt horrible and thought nothing of it and apologized like crazy to him. Inside the maintenance and front desk start screaming at kids who honestly were disrespectful and yelling in the lobby. Only two elevators were working and it legit took us 40 minutes to go up with our stuff as a lot of people pushed us and our luggage out of the way. Ok we think nothing of it it’s a travel week people are just tired from driving. We get to the room finally and it is HOT. Not warm. But HOT. We start sweating in a couple minutes. The bath won’t drain so we can’t even shower. After ten minutes of waiting for the air to turn on we call maintenance and they send someone up. They tell the other room we have that they will bring two fans up and we can deal with it. They come into our room and the guy basically starts yelling at me. He says the air is on and I should shut up because he brought fans. My husband who works in air quality and inspects air conditioning units says he can tell it’s not on. But can they at least switch us to a room with an opening window so we can get a breeze. The guy then yells at me, my husband, my cousin and his wife saying “wtf do you expect it’s a hotel full of refugees. Shut your mouths and be happy they even tired”. Screw that within 45 minutes of being there we checked out and went to the nearby delta hotel who were awesome. I legit understand that yes they were upset with other guests who were staying there. But as a paying guest they should never scream at someone because you are upset. We aren’t idiots. We understand the situation but the guy took a crappy situation and turns it into a worse situation. To top it off as he’s leaving he makes the comment” you better hope they don’t break in here or your car to steal your valuables” WOW just like WOW. Go somewhere else I’m telling you. The staff doesn’t care


This hotel was recommended to us by the Delta Toronto East, after they had a water main break, and could not have travelers stay there.

When we pulled up to the Radisson, we could tell that something was wrong immediately! Curtains in the windows are all crooked, tons of people loitering around every nook of the hotel, and other guests were completely uncivilized towards us, pushing past us to cram into an elevator, yelling to each other, kids laying down in the hallways, etc.

We did a search on this hotel over dinner and turns out the Canadian government is using this Radisson to house hundreds of refugees there, since they ran out of room at their refugee shelters.

If you want to use the hotel as a refugee shelter, great, but you should not be advertising it for personal and business travelers too!

We felt very unsafe based on the interactions we already had with the other “guests”, and immediately checked out.


All the bad reviews. Bang on. Check in was great fast and friendly. 10 ft to the elevator and it all goes down hill. About 20 refugee families packing in to elevators. 1 elevator broken. 10 min later finally get on one. Packed in with about 15kids. Made sure to touch every button. Get to the room check and no bugs so thats good. Oops shampoo is used and soap. Gross. Then it finally gets better. The fire alarm goes off. Have to walk down 9 flights because some kid pulled the alarm. 30 min later dont even think about an elevator. Walk up 9 stories. Ridiculous. Nice welcome to canada a free room at the Radisson. My parents landed in the 60s and had to find a place to live and find a job immediately. Make this a hostel. Not a Radisson.

LOL Schadenfreude: when virtue signaling liberal Whites who preach open borders and the wonders of Diversity come in rude contact with the consequences of their sanctimony. I wonder if they’ll put two and two together? Nah.

The hotel responds, robotically,

Please accept are most sincerest apologies that your stay was not up to your satisfaction. We are sorry that other guests mad you feel uncomfortable. We are currently have upgraded and are upgrading several areas of the hotel. We do hope that you will give us another chance once complete.

Reads like the refugees have taken over customer service duty. The hotel management is probably getting a subsidy (aka hush money) from the Truvadian government, and are content to robo-reply to irate guests until the government refugee checks fund their retirement plans. What else are they gonna do?

A parting shot, the obligatory cuck review,

Hotel with Refugees — this is a good thing!

I have stayed at this property on several occasions due to business needs nearby. The hotel is busy with refugee families who are awaiting placement in communities. This humanitarian gesture is a good thing.
There are lots of kids running and playing in this hotel – as kids should do – and for this time the hotel is their home and i am the guest for 2 days

Who knew that one stupid corporate hotel in Gaynada could be a microcosm for the Declining West?

Here’s my suggestion: WHITE PEOPLE, WAKE UP. The politeness of your families, the obedience of your White children, and the consideration you give to others IS NOT SHARED BY THE OTHER RACES OF THE WORLD.

Magic Dirt is a myth.

The Rapefugee Radisson is the reality.

Learn this lesson soon or pay a heavy price for insisting on believing stupid lies.


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