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Your Daily Game: The Box Out

The Box Out — a nonverbal physical disqualification maneuver — is a repurposing of a move that you’ll see little boys do when little girls encroach on their turf. It involves the boy boxing out the girl with his back and butt forming a perimeter shield, pushing her off and away from whatever action is in front of him.

It drives the little girls crazy, and it’ll drive the grown girls crazy too.

You know who does the box out to squeals of feigned indignation from chronologically adult women?

When I do it, I like to season the effect with taunts such as,

“stop bumping into my butt”

“don’t be a nosey parker”

“hey, mind your own business!”

“no no no no no no no no”


“man talk, darlin’”

A nuclear DQ like this one plays on women’s FOMO (fear of missing out). All women are attention whores, ergo all women can’t stand thinking they’re outside the scene looking in, like Tiny Tingle.

The Box Out is also a sneaky way for your glutes to cop a reverse feel.


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