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Will has a Game question regarding two common refrains a man might hear from a woman he is boffing or pre-boffing,

2 things I will pay big money for CH

define big. (pesos don’t count)

when a girl asks “what are you looking for” and you have fucked already

“How old are you”
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“What are you looking for?” is classic beta bait. The girl saying it doesn’t want the implied goopy beta romanticism. She wants electricity, which means a reply that defies her expectation. Beta bait is anything a woman says which traps beta males into exposing the soft core of their weepy hearts.

The CH archives are loaded with posts delving into these topics, and in particular the two scenarios Will mentions here. Acceptable replies to a pre-sex “what are you looking for?”:

There is only one way to answer an early game, pre-sex “what are you looking for?” stinky-ass beta bait:

“A delicious ham sandwich.”

Do try and say it with a straight face for maximum amusement.

Answering any other way will only make the bang more difficult to achieve. Why construct unnecessary obstacles to yourself? If she presses the matter, then you will have to get serious with her. But there is a right way and a wrong way to patronize a woman’s shit testing.

Wrong way: Play into her frame.

  • “I’m not looking for anything serious right now.”

Why give her an excuse to stop seeing you?

  • “I haven’t thought about it. Why do you ask?”

Why give her an excuse to continue harping on the subject?

  • “I’m looking for something serious.”

Lying is unnecessary in this situation, as I will demonstrate below. Also, saying this risks turning her off if you miscalculate and she’s *not* looking for something serious.

Right way: Control the conversation.

  • “I’m dating around until I find that one woman I really click with. I think anything serious should develop naturally, and not be forced. Don’t you?”

If the girl asks you this after sex, then you will need to employ more tact. Assume she has bonded to you in some meaningful capacity (jizz is lady glue); this means you can easily overplay glib responses that make her sad.

You can start with the ham sandwich joke, but if she asks again, you’ll want to initiate strong eye contact and say through a dreamily contented grin, “We’ll see”. Girls interpret this reply to mean “we’ll see if I’m good enough for him. ooh, exciting!”. Just as good: “I don’t know, but when I find it, you’ll be the first to know”.

If she’s really sincere and earnest in the asking, but you aren’t *there* yet, then assuage her anxiety with a calming “Let’s take this slow. There will be time for heavy talk later.”

If she’s there, and you’re there, and you are confident this isn’t stinky beta bait, then let ‘er rip:

“I’ve already found it”.

Big Quip Energy!


Part Deuz. “How old are you?”

This is a shit test. Usually, much younger women will ask it of older men. Sometimes, older women ask it of younger men. Not nearly often enough, men ask it of women (they should ask more often to put the girl in the defensive crouch where…all together now…poosy perturbations are born.

As with all female shit tests, the objective is to pass them by not trying to pass them, if you catch my drift. Reworded: don’t play into her frame. Blow it up, or reframe to a conversational path that is more beneficial to you.

The general rule is to never act defensive, or sorry for what you may perceive to be an unbridgeable age gap. Instead, you want to turn the tables, and refute the tacit premise of her question by making her think she ISN’T UP TO YOUR STANDARDS.

This could mean disqualifying her as a prospect, or disqualifying yourself. Ex:

GIRLY: How old are you?

LINDSEY GRAHAM’S FANTASY FUEL: Too young/old for you.

or, assume the sale and then DQ with a set-up to a challenge:

“If you’re flirting, forget it. You’re too young. I like sophisticated women.”

She won’t be able to resist chomping down on the male version of beta bait: waif bait.

It’s also helpful to set the frame early, before she veers into airing her concerns about the age difference:

“I’ve noticed some women are nervous in the company of older men. It’s like they get intimidated and feel they aren’t good enough. You’re not like that, are you?”

More Game goodness: there are “Age Negs“:

Her: How old are you?
You: You first.
Her: 25.
You: Oh oh.
Her: What?
You: I don’t normally date older women. They have too many issues in my experience.

This neg is especially effective when the girl is considerably younger than yourself. Imagine a 35 year old guy telling a 22 year old girl she’s too old for him. It quickly reverses the frame in your favor.


Her: How old are you?
You: Guess.
Her: 28.
You: Close. And you’re… 27.
Her: No, 23.
You: Oh no, really?
Her: Yeah, why?
You: I like to date older women. Everyone knows they’re more mature and classy.

Notice I used the term “everyone knows”. It’s a bit jarring in the context of this short conversation, but that doesn’t matter. Girls are very sensitive to groupthink, so my words will have the intended effect — to put her in the role of the one seeking approval.

Finally, you can simply evade the question with a sneaky rhetorical trick:

HER: how old are you?

YOU: guess

HER: 32

YOU: wow! you’re good at this.

Then change the subject. She’ll think you’re 32, but you never actually answered her question. All you said was that she was good at guessing your age, which could mean she guessed correctly, plus or minus ten years.

PS Here is a list of effective tactics for overcoming any possible age objections from a girl.


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